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    Planning the electrical systems. Victron or Magnum Energy?

    Looking at the Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120 or the Magnum MS2012 for the inverter/ charger. I like the hybrid aspect of the Victron but have found some used Magnum units for a good price and it seems they might be a better made unit? I will have an Spod type switch panel and 2 100w solar...
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    2003 E450 Red Cross ERV 7.3 with 76k and no idle hrs

    Hey guys. You’ve probably seen UJOR’s ERV build and I’m converting one with a UJOR kit too. I work at an auction where I found mine and we just got another one in that will be up for auction soon. I’m guessing it will sell in the $7-8k range. If your interested in it let me know! I’m a bit of...
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    Flooring insulation?

    Been working on my Wheeled Coach/ Red Cross ERV conversion everyday (waiting for parts) and am thinking about the interior. it’s got a full diamond plate al floor with what appears to be some sort of insulation below that. There are small square metal enclosures below the floor.... should I...
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    Build Thread- 2003 Red Cross ERV- Rambolance

    I think the name might stick... we went to the beach last week and my wife suggested it after I mentioned many of the build threads here named their rigs... anyway I picked up a Red Cross ERV from a local auction. It’s a 2003 with 36k and 1700 hours. 7.3, type 3. You really don’t want to know...
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    Looking for a Rock and Roll bed

    I’m working hard on my 2003 E450 Red Cross ERV conversion and have begun to collect parts for the interior. I think the best solution for my floor plan is a rock and roll seat/ bed. This way I can have the kids buckled in safely when driving and make a decent bed for overnight accommodations...