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    For sale. Home built camper for Tacoma, Chevy Colorado or...?

    This camper was designed for the Tacoma 2nd or 3rd gen, but will work on any midsize truck. Weighs 600 lbs. Cost to build was $4000 See the complete build thread here. The camper body is 80" not including...
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    Truck and camper compatibility: Here's help.

    Ran across this article, which links to a Lance Camper website, but has good info on truck loading.
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    Building Camper for Small Pickups

    After looking for a commercial built camper and only finding campers that weigh 1000+lbs. I've decided to build my own. My Tacoma only has a 1300lb. load capacity and after passengers and gear that doesn't leave much. I want something smaller than a full cabover but more than just a shell. I've...