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    94 M1078 in Charlotte NC not mine, not affiliated, but thought someone may be interested
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    short bus ready for conversion

    not mine, but my uncle. he's looking to sell the short bus he used as a traveling library. not 4x4, but could be a camper fairly easy.
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    anyone hang a hammock INSIDE their suv?

    I was watching a video last night, where a guy had set up 2 hammocks inside his Nissan Xterra. Seemed like an idea i'd like to try. The only thing was, he parked facing a tree, and used it as an anchor point for the hammocks outside the vehicle, for that end of the hammocks. (used a ratchet...
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    square body suburban in Raleigh NC

    not mine, but got half the miles my ride has, at twice the age.
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    quigley van in SE NC

    not associated, just thought someone may be interested
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    91 LandCruiser in south east NC

    this one belongs to a friend of mine, he's taken good care of it. "I am debating selling my 91 Land Cruiser, I LOVE this thing, but I NEED an older, small, 4x4 Toyota pickup because I don’t have a utility trailer, and it seems I always need to haul something! I have taken GREAT care of this...
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    bread truck converted to beach buggy?

    not mine, just saw this for sale and thought "no way" but then I found this trip report by chance, and they got a shot of it in the wild
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    1997 4x4 ambulance in VA

    not mine, just thought I'd share
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    LX 450 on the NC coast

    not mine, although i'm really considering buying it. the guy is asking 3500.00 thought i should share. more pics and phone number
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    old ford van pop top camper in NC

    not mine, just sharing.
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    would you buy this? too many miles??

    i know LC are known for durability, but really, how many miles are too many miles? this has 435K but only 2300.00 i thought about going to see it in person very soon.
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    GM air ride air pump conversion??

    so, i have an escalade with air ride, and the air shocks are shot. i am planning to take them off and go with an arnott conversion kit (normal springs, shocks and a electric component so i don't get a service air ride code) so the air pump would still be there. does anyone know if this could...
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    6x6 military box truck in NC

    thought this may interest someone,
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    08 JKUR 200K miles for 12k. Is that a good deal? I am not sure if this is a good deal, or just avg considering the milage? I asked in the classified section, but no one answered, so i thought i would try here. thanks in advance.
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    Jeep JKU Rubicon in SC, is this a good deal?

    Is this a really good deal? or avg due to the mileage? 12K - 200K miles
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    1996 Landcruiser 3500.00 Raleigh NC

    not mine, just thought i'd spread the word. I hear a 80 series LC is the answer to anything on this site. :)
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    1993 Landcruiser, 2,000 in Myrtle Beach SC

    not mine, just sharing, looks like it may have lockers from the pic.
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    1997 Lexus LX450 in south east NC 2700.00

    not mine, went and test drove though. just not crazy about it. maybe someone here would like it.
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    1986 AM General Duce shortened - $8800 (Supply, NC)

    not mine, just thought i'd share.
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    5K for Eurovan camper, charleston SC

    not mine, stumbled across this while looking at other vehicles on the site. I don't know if it's a good price or not, but maybe? :dunno: