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  1. Ca. Bowhunter

    FS SoCal (Lancaster) 1978 CJ5 $8k reduced

    Need to sell my CJ5. It just passed its Smog test for Ca. folks and the plates are current. New Bestop super top with 2 piece doors and Bikini top. 304 V8 runs great , 3 speed trans with a Dana 20 transfer case. Power steering and power brake were added. Mosler one piece rear axels were also...
  2. Ca. Bowhunter

    Kershaw Cooking Kit (Lancaster Ca)

    The set is complete with the cutting Board $50.00 plus shipping Randy
  3. Ca. Bowhunter

    Scepter Military Water 5 gallon cans Lancaster Ca.

    I have a few two many so up for sale are 2 water cans with new gaskets $20.00 each plus the ride. Randy
  4. Ca. Bowhunter

    (Thanks this has Sold) Trailer for sale Lancaster Ca. $2500

    We built this guy about 5 years ago and it has been a workhorse. It was built using a 40mm ammo box that was for the Sargent York Tank that was never put into production (long story). It has a Mombasa tent that is in great condition with a new gray cover and a under bed privacy room that is...
  5. Ca. Bowhunter

    2001 Vehicross

    I have my full size Cherokee but always wanted one so when I came across this one had to buy it. Got it from the original owner with 55k miles on it. Randy
  6. Ca. Bowhunter

    "SOLD" FS Optimus 8R stove

    Cleaning out some unneeded stuff Optimus 8R multi-fuel camping stove $45obo plus shipping. Randy
  7. Ca. Bowhunter

    "SOLD" Orange Pelican 1600 FS

    Cleaning out a few things that I no longer need . Its in great shape with the pick-n-pluck foam $100 plus shipping . Randy
  8. Ca. Bowhunter

    Odds and Ends for sale in Lancaster Ca.

    Cleaning out a few things that we just don't use or have never used. We are located in the Antelope Valley of Ca. and I work down in the Santa Clarita Valley for So Cal pick ups. All prices are without shipping. Reliance Potty never used $20.00 (SOLD) Optimist 8R stove...
  9. Ca. Bowhunter

    A little weekend modification

    After 5 years I decided to finally install the lock and roll hitch not just because its been laying on the shelf for awhile because I didn't have anything better to do this weekend. I cut the old 3" tongue off and sleeved it for the new 4' receiver tube, after rewiring the plug and welding a few...
  10. Ca. Bowhunter

    Dressing up the old truck

    California finally sent our HAM plates it took about 5 months to process the applications. I think they look good. R&R
  11. Ca. Bowhunter

    Dual Front Runner Can Holder

    I bought this less than a month ago from FlyNDrive and it does not fit my application. So its back on the table I paid $75 + Shipping . (Cans not included) Randy
  12. Ca. Bowhunter

    Engel Fridge is mounted

    After reading everything I could find about fridge's I bought the MT-60 it fit perfectly on the trailer and I will finish the wiring this week. Randy & Rhonda
  13. Ca. Bowhunter

    New shoes for the trailer

    Brake shoes that is, We finally installed the 12 inch brakes and electric brake controller this weekend and they work great. I also upgraded the Cherokee's alternator to a Cs-144 and pretty much doubled the amp's to 150. Randy and Rhonda
  14. Ca. Bowhunter

    The Trailer has been Tested

    We just arrived home from the Mojave road and our trailer worked perfectly. The suspension rode well on and off road . Ready to start the next trailer because this one is complete. Randy and Rhonda
  15. Ca. Bowhunter

    Tires and Wheels

    Spent the day Saturday playing with tires and wheels . First step take the two off the trailer and get them unmounted then run them to the powder coater had to have them there by 9 am. No problem got them there on time and they said be back at noon . Step 2 run across town and get my tires...
  16. Ca. Bowhunter

    Water tank installed

    It's installed and works great we tried it out Friday and Saturday 160 miles of desert roads and no leaks. Found the tank on e-bay $25 a few miscellaneous fittings from a RV accessory store $30 and some 18 gauge sheet metal that we had laying around for protection and about 4 hours to figure it...
  17. Ca. Bowhunter

    Trailer and RTT first trip

    We headed out to the desert yesterday to play and use the RTT for the first time. The mattress was not that bad and the trailer suspension rocked allot less than I thought it was going to. So over all we found a few things we need to bring along on over nighters but it was a blast to finally use...
  18. Ca. Bowhunter

    RTT Mounted

    Well I finally ordered my RTT and installed it today the trailer is now complete. Thanks to Dave and Mel. Randy and Rhonda
  19. Ca. Bowhunter

    It followed me home.

    Well that is what I told her anyway:D . I bought it for the other half she has been wanting one for a while. It is a 1978 CJ-5 304 and a T-18, Dana 20 t-case. Bought it from the original owners 33,000 miles. Randy
  20. Ca. Bowhunter

    Any FSJ's Around ?

    I'm new to this board, I have a thread going in the trailer area .We live up in the desert north of L.A. My Preferred mode of off road traveling is a 1978 Cherokee. I've had it a while and have accomplished a few modifications , New Dash, Leather seats from a 2005 Cherokee and a swing out rear...