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  1. neliconcept

    Looking for a good Parka

    Hey guys, I have been looking into Canada Goose, Helly Hansen, and Woolrich I like this jacket from HH The problem is, their aren't many retailers near me that sell HH and none of...
  2. neliconcept

    FZJ80 front OME J springs

    I have a set of J springs that I was thinking about using for the rear of my 4runner if I did an SAS I no longer plan on that anyways so I need to get rid of these. Id rather find someone within the area of atlanta to sell but will consider shipment. 50+ shipping
  3. neliconcept

    FS/FT: Sigma 24-70 f2.8, Sigma 10-20 4-5.6 and Canon elan 7ne body

    I have a 24-70 sigma that ive had for a little bit, its a great lens but i want the 17-55 IS as ive heard good things about it, i have the pouch and box for it $345 obo reason i say FT is id be willing to take a 17-55 off someones hands for all of these items. sigma 10-20, excellent lens...
  4. neliconcept

    neliconcepts progress thread

    I thought id go ahead and post what has been done and where it is now and what is to come. bought it back in march of 2006 as a 2001 2wd sport edition 4runner, after about 4 months i went with a brush guard and 265/75/16 goodyear mtrs pictured below. lifted ever so slightly for a tellico...
  5. neliconcept

    fitting of a precleaner on a tacoma snorkel body

    i called ARB and i heard it wasnt possible but i think it was socalfj that made his fit by heating up the snorkel tip? id would like to interchange between the precleaner and my scoop if possible though. any ideas?
  6. neliconcept

    Flat/matte black painting or vinyl wrapping of a vehicle

    Some or most know that I have been wanting to trade for a LC100, as I investigate the SUV market, it seems that its kinda impossible to do right now, I will only take trade and if i have to ill pay 1000 to the LC owner who wants to trade (if the LC is in my expectations) but now that I have...
  7. neliconcept

    2001 4runner, locked, geared, 35s, FTT 100 series

    Performance mods: Deckplate Airaid MIT total conversion and specs of my truck are as follows. 5:1 inchworm lefty transfer case with prerunner adapters front range offroad twinsticks cryoed output shaft. front and rear ARB airlockers full size arb compressor safari snorkel tjm15 front bullbar...
  8. neliconcept

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    I searched around and didnt see a showcase thread for us toy guys but decided we could do something similar to the expo rigs in general chit chat but just our toyotas. so post up, mods multiple pics and interior pics if you have some interesting cargo/sleeping platforms or whatever else you may...
  9. neliconcept

    Canyonlands, white rim, my first major 100 mile + trip offroad

    well back early, not happy about it but the weather came in fast, and i think its snowing right about now, sand and snow = no go got 4 days and 3 nights in, did a total of 120 miles, lathrop canyon down to colorado river, stayed at airport and hogsback, went to eat lunch at my last campsite...
  10. neliconcept

    Diesel engine sources, anybody know of an importer?

    basically I think i may have decided to start researching converting my 4runner to a diesel, but I want everybodys opinion on this, 3.0TD out of an 01 hilux or hilux-surf. but I was wondering if anyone knew of a company that would import these engines and sell them? or if there was a way to do...
  11. neliconcept

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    I just finished my first drawer system, however its not that great looking and doesnt hold that much, driving back to South Carolina for my father to help me with a full on cargo system with linex exterior and memory foam pad on top takin the back seats out (a reason to stop takin college kids...
  12. neliconcept

    Garmin nuvi 200

    I'm looking for a gps unit that will have memorized maps of offroad capable trails, waypoints and also be able to upload national geographic maps as well. I was wondering if this is a capable unit? I really have never used a GPS and I have been reading up and saw some ppl have GPS 60sx and...
  13. neliconcept

    Building a trailer using a 4x6 frame with wooden insert

    Im going to try and build a 4x6 trailer like the buildup on wildyoats with the trailer behind the landcruiser. instead of diamondplatting, i plan to use a good wood and treat it and reinforce the inner corners. main purpose will be for storage and to put a yak or thule rack on top for a tent...
  14. neliconcept

    gettin ready for a snorkel install: 01 4runner

    I have my snorkel and the other stuff, and ive read Scott's writeup very clearly. (very detailed too) I just want to get some assurance before i go cut a hole in my fender and screw it up. im assuming the middle hole in the template is for the drill from the holesaw? also what type...
  15. neliconcept

    military trailers and the m416 jeep trailer

    just spotted a military trailer with the chain like recieving point where it used Rings like a chain. Starting bid is like 50 bucks, Their are several on the website like this, my bro did it to me again where I discussed it with him and hes...
  16. neliconcept

    My 2001 4runner slightly built up

    I am new here, I thought id post some as I am from I have been getting really big into photography (urban or landscape) and hopefully would like to try some wildlife, I have never really done an expedition with my truck or with anyone else before. my 4runner right now (bought...