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  1. FellowTraveler

    Heating pad brainstorming

    All and all a good military surplus extreme cold weather bag will be all you need perhaps a ground pad under it, cost effective and works.
  2. FellowTraveler

    Saving Water- bathing, clothes washing etc.

    A thought on using anything that kills bacteria or makes things smell good; Apparently some other problems medical are surfacing relating to killing good bacteria too which is considered very risky these days. Get some of those bacteria killers in say your anal orifice wiping your rear and...
  3. FellowTraveler

    Rear Diff Skidplate for Moderate SoCal Trail Use?

    Yoke guards are of some help on some vehicles where the pinion is bolted to the pumpkin like on a GM 14 bolt full floater.
  4. FellowTraveler

    Firearms in Expedition Vehicles

    Good day there, I understand there maybe some restrictions but to prevent the rest of the American people from exercising the same right in the common areas of this nation is something that will eventually come back to bite some in the rear-end, then there is the contempt it breeds in society!
  5. FellowTraveler

    Firearms in Expedition Vehicles

    No pulling punches here, great response!
  6. FellowTraveler

    New Wild Boar Snorkel at SEMA

    Without question the pre-cleaner option rocks as does the stack on his cowl design which fits in with the jeeps ruggedness and utility.
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    Firearms in Expedition Vehicles

    Good points all private citizens should be treated as equal however they are not aside Colt, Smith & Wesson making some more equal that others both houses of congress have created a special privilege class comprised of their enforcers the several states of the union then joined in allowing the...
  8. FellowTraveler

    New Wild Boar Snorkel at SEMA

    A straight up stack would be nice on that red jeep cowl and made to install/remove easy for fording or dust. If the stack needs support then removable small diameter bar stock or even hollow tube stock would do fine.
  9. FellowTraveler


    Simple is good and you did it right! Back in the day I had no real idea what was causing all the wander, sway, wear and tear but when I opened an up-fitting manual it made all the difference the result now is suspension, breaking and steering components/parts last much longer now.
  10. FellowTraveler

    Firearms in Expedition Vehicles

    After a review of your above statement I'm guessing you are directing it towards me, so, for the record no one is whining like a little child here. I'm stating a fact about how the private citizens of the several states of the union just accept laws that restrict or strip them of their rights...
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    My K2500 Suburban w/diesel has a GVWR of 8.6k I use the 12k MileMarker Hydro winch mounted on a WARN classic bumper use steel cable and snatch block when necessary. The most overlooked item is the vehicles designed center of gravity (CG) which changes from the cantilever effect of the added...
  12. FellowTraveler

    Tires too wide?

    Chalk over the tire surface then drive on it for short distance see where the chalk is still on tire, the middle then too much air, the edges then not enough air. This works with water too if you have a smooth surface to view tire tracks. Another point is from the pressure you finally determine...
  13. FellowTraveler

    New Wild Boar Snorkel at SEMA

    Then you need to get off of your _____ and make some up they will surely sell! Nice job!
  14. FellowTraveler

    Firearms in Expedition Vehicles

    Interesting, this special group of privilege "LEO's" I can't seem to find any reference to them in any constitution of the several states of the union nor the Constitution of the United States of America..
  15. FellowTraveler

    Tires too wide?

    Good tire size if e rated and I'm guessing 2 or 3 ply sidewalls too, while the smallest suggested rim size is 7.50" that's only .50" wider than what you have IMHO .25" less on each side of tire is will not be an issue however you do need to adjust air pressure so entire tread will contact road...
  16. FellowTraveler

    Hood louvers and hood scoops

    AGAIN: Before you cut that hood! Venting the hood just beyond the radiator shroud is the way to pull the hot air through the radiator and out of engine bay. Any other location past that and you are pulling air into engine bay which is great if you crawl, going it slow off road, drive in town at...
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    Cool .22 Plinking Rifle

    I respect a man who tinkers and smiths his toys!
  18. FellowTraveler

    School me on diesel fuel systems

    6.2 diesels all are good, early non turbo 6.5 good, early turbo 6.5 not so good May 1999 and newer 6.5 td is a NAVISTAR and the best. Mechanical pumps are every reliable providing you use something to lube the system so the low sulfur does not destroy your injection pump, injectors or lift pump...
  19. FellowTraveler

    Looking for info: Warn classic bumper 88-98 GM c/k

    greengreer I just noticed that your bumper does not have the top plates between the bumper and grill mine were welded on at the factory.