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  1. Wazak

    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    I'd still be tempted to pull the oil cooler and pressure test it for the price of a few gaskets and o'rings and a couple of hours Labour.
  2. Wazak

    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    Mighty good of you to admit that your first calculations were incorrect Pairo
  3. Wazak

    2020 EarthCruiser?

    Nice one Lance I can only dream.
  4. Wazak

    Pulled the trigger

    Nice one Nathan I like the coffee sack idea for the galley wall. Barry
  5. Wazak

    Norwegian Unimog U1700L camper build

    I wouldn't consider your build to be an amateur job it looks better than some so called professional companies efforts.
  6. Wazak

    Fuso Canter 4x4 Expedition Plan/build

    We are fans of that particular layout as it's what we have in our Renault Master van conversion but ours is considerably narrower than your proposed base vehicle. Might I suggest that you move the position of the toilet to the very rear of the unit? Will you have a chemical toilet or a...
  7. Wazak

    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Do I see a series 2a bulkhead there near the welding equipment?
  8. Wazak

    Pulled the trigger

    Are you going through the AV Options list? It looks good to me.
  9. Wazak

    New Mog Life

    Good luck to you and your family
  10. Wazak

    Cool MAN Expo Camper in Germany (Video)

    Marketed as a 7.5tonne but actually weighed in at 8.2tonne hmmm?
  11. Wazak

    Opinions on Older Round Nose Mercedes Trucks (LA911, etc.) for budget Overland Travel??

    Keyne these trucks were built in Europe why would they not be suitable for Europe? Ok it might be a little slow but who cares? Take a look on YouTube at videos of the Abenteurer and Alllrad show and Willy's Treffen and see how many are there. Barry
  12. Wazak

    DAF Custom Expo Truck - Matilda Wow

    I've allready watched this, thanks. Mat promises a more detailed walk around video. He's touring around the UK at the moment Barry
  13. Wazak

    DAF Custom Expo Truck - Matilda Wow

    Have you watched JustEscape on YouTube? Matt and his friends Gary and Tina showed a build series of Matilda and Puddles the Leyland Daf T244 trucks and some of their travels. Matt's truck looks amazing I'm waiting patiently for him to release a walkthrough video of the interior. Barry
  14. Wazak

    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Sitec, have you done any calculations as to the size of air operated rams that you will require as opposed to hydraulic? Hydraulic will be far more powerful, It would be more costly to rig up a hydraulic system but I'd take that over air any day, Just a thought you might be able to rig an...
  15. Wazak

    Total Composites Camper on Mitsubishi Fuso FG walk through

    If you take that it's built on a Fuso chassis and has a composite hab box does it make it a EC copy? There's plenty of external difference, no power steps, awning, canopy etc, the body sides are flat and don't taper off to the top. Ok there's a walk through shower toilet area but so does a few...
  16. Wazak

    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    I used to work for a large National crane hire company all the mobile cranes that had Ebespacher's fitted were converted to run on Kerosene to reduce the chance of fuel waxing. Not that we encountered the extreme cold temperatures in the UK that are the norm in some countries.
  17. Wazak

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    It's surprising that there isn't a jump start plug or connection allready fitted to the truck or even a hook up (Shore line) to mains power to keep the batteries charged. Is the starter motor easily accessible? You could couple the battery charger directly to the battery power lead at the...
  18. Wazak

    Saurer 2dm 1968 Expeditionmobile build

    It just might be that Job is logged out
  19. Wazak

    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Sorry to hear that you're dad passed away. I hope your mum is ok?