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  1. rk_az


    FOR SALE: Older model CVT roof top tent Location: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA Description: Size-wise, I believe it is equivalent to the current Shasta model, approx 56x48 closed. It has the old fly style. See photo below. You pick up, or I may be able to deliver in central AZ. Price: $400...
  2. rk_az

    A Few Upgrades

    After a longish dry spell, I decided to make a few upgrades to the trailer. First, I have two spares (the truck and trailer share spares), but haven't been carrying the 2nd spare because I couldn't decide where to mount it. I recently got the bright (or maybe not so bright) idea to use a...
  3. rk_az

    Unsettling find...

    I was out scouting for a deer hunt, and calling coyotes, and happened upon this: This was not the first set of skeletal remains I have come across in this area. It is a popular travel corridor for illegal border crossers, and is about 60 miles from the border. That's a lot of desert to...
  4. rk_az

    5' 3" Rattlesnake

    Invited a rattlesnake to dinner last weekend.
  5. rk_az

    AZ Cow Elk

    My daughter had a tag for the early antlerless hunt in AZ unit 5B South. She filled her tag Saturday morning: It was a 30 yd shot, and the cow fell 20 yds or so from us. We were almost run down by one of the other fleeing cows, what a rush!
  6. rk_az

    Arizona Unit 37B Muley Buck

    Just back from the taxidermist:
  7. rk_az

    Fall Hunt Success

    My daughter's cow from the October hunt in 5BS: My mule deer buck from the November hunt in 37B: My neighbor's buck from the same hunt:
  8. rk_az

    My "Mil Spec Offroad" Trailer Resto

    I had a request for more photos of my trailer, so I thought I would do a short "build" thread in case anyone else is interested. First, a little background on the trailer. I purchased it used from the former owner of the now-defunct "Mil Spec Offroad". He was building these trailers in Lake...
  9. rk_az

    Camping Lab?

    Has anyone had any contact with Fernando lately? The site says that 2 of the 3 tent sizes are out of stock, and he is not responding to emails. I'm starting to wonder if I need to locate another tent source.
  10. rk_az

    Finally Finished Refurbing

    It looks about the same as before, because I kept it olive drab, but I finally got the last bits reassembled after disassembling, new brake drums to match the bolt pattern on the Tacoma, new wheels, tires to match the Tacoma, and fresh paint. Now its time to get a RTT on it!
  11. rk_az

    Jenny Craig for my Trailer

    Here is a "before" photo of my trailer: I completely disassembled the trailer in order to swap out the 5x5.5 drums for 6x5.5's, to match my Tacoma, as well as to clean and repaint. The plate steel used to line the cargo box, and the diamond plate on the front deck, weigh a TON. I am...
  12. rk_az

    Parts for a Trailer Build

    Never mind...
  13. rk_az

    Finally - a Trail Test

    I finally took my trailer out on the trail today for a little test run. It did great, it will definitely go anywhere my truck will! I attempted the trail that goes through the pass in the Sawtooths. I have made it through there fine in an unladen truck. Pulling a trailer was a completely...
  14. rk_az

    My New (Used) "Mil Spec Offroad" Trailer

    For those of you who saw my previous thread, I made a decision and purchased the "used" trailer. And I am glad I did - this trailer is great! Yeah, the cargo box is a bit small, but the trailer makes up for it in so many other ways. The tongue height is just about perfect for my new custom...
  15. rk_az

    Trailer Dilema

    I am looking at two off-road trailers, and can't decide which route to go. I am hoping some of you guys that drag trailers around the boonies can provide some insight, or suggest things to take into consideration or questions to ask. First a little background. I drive an '04 Tacoma d-cab...