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  1. syke

    steel cable woes

    Check out this photo of my Superwinch 9.5 cable. I've had this winch for about 6 years and have used it many times but only maybe 50'. So I had no reason to unwind it further. We'll yesterday I decide to unwind it a bit further and look what I find. You can see to the right of the damaged area...
  2. syke

    RTT pvc cover care

    Quick question.. does anyone have any care instructions for a pvc rtt cover? I'm running an old Autohome overland with about 15 plus years of southwest sun on it. The pvc cover is starting to get brittle and I really would like to apply some magic product to recondition it. Wishful thinking? I...
  3. syke

    WTB: Pelican 1510 with dividers

    Looking for a Pelican 1510 with dividers/foam to use for my camera gear. I've been using a 1650 but I'm getting tired of lugging around all of my gear. Really want a smaller box to take a few select pieces. I have a few Pelican 1650's without foam if you are looking to trade to a larger...
  4. syke

    a few books for sale

    Back country Adventures Arizona by Peter Massey and Jeanne Wilson. Book is in good shape Sold Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4 Wheel Drive Trails by Charles A Wells. This book is also in good shape. SOLD Paypal works best. Drop me a PM if interested. Thanks
  5. syke

    FS: Bill Burke's Getting UNStuck DVD

    Picked up this dvd a few years back.... watched it a few times. Great condition overall. Some really great information packed into this video. $15.00 shipped. Paypal would be best.
  6. syke

    KLR Tengai 650

    Just wanted to stop in and show off my new ride. :sombrero::roost: Just picked up this beast from the original owner and the guy lived right in my home town. I stumbled upon it on CL about 30 minutes after he posted it. I could not drive to his house fast enough. :sombrero: 45k miles on it...
  7. syke

    core plugs in disco 1 bell housing

    Has anyone ever replaced the 3 core plugs in the bell housing? I am in the middle of replacing the rear main seal on my D1 and noticed one of the core plugs (I guess they might also be called freeze plugs) was leaking some oil. Figured while I was in there, might as well replace it. The other...
  8. syke

    Fan clutch

    What am I doing wrong? :sombrero::sombrero: I am trying to replace the fan clutch in the 99 D1. Tried loosening the nut counter clock wise with the belt still on and it just slipped the pulley. Normally I have been able to change a fan clutch without removing the belt. Not the case so far...
  9. syke

    Trouble shooting a Diesel Land Cruiser

    I could use a little help..... Background info: I am trying to help my cousin who is down in Costa Rica trouble shoot a 1973 Land Cruiser diesel. He does not have great Internet capabilites so I am kind of his eyes and ears on the message boards. With that being said..... The truck has an...
  10. syke

    M416 copy 1/4 ton trailer

  11. syke

    Lid latch mechanism?

    How about another quick question? What is everyone using for a latch mechanism? Pictures would be quite helpful. Thanks for the help guys.
  12. syke

    Lid mounted shock

    Hello guys, I am in the middle of a trailer lid buildup..... the next part is the shocks that can be mounted to help lift the lid with overland rtt. I have no idea where to even look for a set. What do you guys recommend? Thanks for the help.