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  1. NivekD

    Quick Trip To The North Rim

    Took a quick trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Took Highway 89 south as much as we could. Fun drive. Pictures do not do justice to the spectacular views of the Canyon. You must see this in person. Magnificent! Stopped at a lot of small towns on the way. Stayed at Fish Lake on the...
  2. NivekD

    Self Sufficient Rotating Caravan

    This is cool. I want one. Self Sufficient Rotating Caravan
  3. NivekD

    Eclipse From East Central Oregon

    Went up on Thursday and snagged a great spot in East Central Oregon to watch the Eclipse. Union Creek Campground at Phillips Lake. We were about 15 miles from the center of totality. What a great experience. Here is the google map of the area. Weather was perfect and not a cloud in the sky...
  4. NivekD

    Anyone need a winter project? 82 FWC Fleet for sale

    Went and looked at this and it needs a lot of work...but the price is right. Truck Camper For Sale
  5. NivekD

    How does this Hallmark look?

    Found another Hallmark for sale. This one needs work on the roof (two leaks). $1200 OBO. It's a 95 and I think its a Cuchara. What you guys think of this one? Thanks.
  6. NivekD

    Opinions on Hallmark please...

    Hi Guys, Just joined the site, love it. Lots of great info. Thanks for havin' me. Been looking for a small pop up camper and ran across this one. Wanted to get your expert opinions on it. Kinda old but that's OK with me. I'd have to travel about 3.5 hours to get it, so I'd like to know if it's...