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  1. JFarris

    2015 Hallmark UTE XL (Shortbed) $30K

    Camper has only been used a couple times. North/South bed, oversize frig, oversize water heater & oversize propane tank. 4 seasons insulation, cabin toilet/shower, storage under bed, built in gun safe, 200 watt solar, generator box, thule rack with (2) cargo boxes and rack in front, outdoor LED...
  2. JFarris

    12' Jeep JKUR (California)

    I've decided to put my Jeep up for sale. I'll include a link that has pictures of what's been done to it. There's still some parts that I have, that haven't been installed yet. The Jeep has 65K miles on it. I'm asking $50K for it...
  3. JFarris

    LX470 AHC Service-Question

    So, my wife took the vehicle down to the local Lexus dealer to ask about having the AHC system serviced. Vehicle has 210K and it's never been serviced. I'm hoping to extend the life of it. The dealer told her that they do not service them. No flushing the fluids with new. They only replace parts...
  4. JFarris

    My Perfect Balance Build

    This build has taken me 3 years to get just right. I'm still in the progress of adding a few things, and might change a few things, but the overall base is just right for my needs. I live close to Fresno, CA. This is actually a good central location among all of what California has to offer...
  5. JFarris

    03' LX470 Largest Tire?

    I just purchased a 2003 Lexus LX470. It is equipped with the AHC system. Is it possible to fit a 33" tire with modifications? If not, what is the biggest tire I can fit, and what has to be done to fit them? Also, would I need a different offset wheel? Thanks for any help.
  6. JFarris

    VKS Fab w/ AEV Fuel Caddy

    I'm pretty excited about this, and will be doing a build thread soon for my Jeep. I wanted to put this out there though, in case anyone else is interested in this setup. VKS Fab is a local Jeep shop here in Fresno, CA. He bleeds offroad I think. You should see his Jeep if your into Rock...
  7. JFarris

    Mombasa RTT Cover

    Anyone know where I can order a new cover, whether it be a dealer or direct?
  8. JFarris

    ARB Twin Air Mounting ?'s

    Looking for mounting location ideas for a 12' JK. I know there's an option to put it under the drivers seat, but would rather not have it there.
  9. JFarris

    King Shock 2.5 Adjustable

    Hard to find any good reviews for these shocks. Has anyone tried them? I have OME right now, which are great, but I'm wanting more for what I do with my JK.
  10. JFarris

    Abandoned Mine-Sierra's

    My Dad & I came across this place while deer hunting 22 years ago. I fell in love with the place, and have been camping here ever since I was 16. I have watched the place change over the years, due to visitors who like to destroy our history. I have searched the internet & talked to the local...
  11. JFarris

    Fourtreks Mounts Review

    I purchased some mounts from Fourtreks so I could mount my ARB 8' awning, 40" LED Lightbar, Highlift Jack, Ax, Shovel & Rotopax Fuel/Water cans. Quality is second to none. I only wish he had an option for anodized clamps. I have a Gobi Stealth rack, and was able to mount everything up quickly...
  12. JFarris

    FS: Unichip w/ Flux for 08' Toyota

    I have a Unichip that was purchased brand new in 2009 that I had bought for my FJ Cruiser. I sold the vehicle before I ever installed it. It will work for Tacomas & 4Runners also. New they are $600, I would like to get $250+ shipping.
  13. JFarris

    RTT Mounting ?

    When I purchased my ARB RTT & Rack for my FJ, it came with clamps to mount the tent to the rack. I've since sold the FJ, and have a Jeep now, with a Gobi Stealth rack. I purchased a Howling Moon RTT, and need to find clamp of some sort for the cross tubes to mount it. What are you guys using...
  14. JFarris

    WTB: (2) Scepter 20L Fuel Cans

    Looking for (2) 20L Scepter Fuel cans. I know, pretty hard to find for a decent price. I did see that there are some on eBay. Most are green, expensive, or no California shipping. Scepter needs to start selling what's called a "parts" kit. Just like AR mags....
  15. JFarris

    What are my options? Help please

    2012 JKUR. I have a Gobi rack and am looking for a good snorkel/intake/dual battery combo. Normally it wouldn't be so hard, but having a 12' with Gobi rack is making things difficult it looks like. I noticed RIPP has an intake out, but not quite sure if its good for an overlanding setup...
  16. JFarris

    RTT & Kayaks

    Ok, how many of you have an RTT on your vehicle & have kayaks? I've searched for a solution for this, but have not found anything. If you know of an option, please point me in the right direction. If there isn't, I will start developing an option that will utilize Yakima or Thule mounts. My...
  17. JFarris

    Helton Hot Water

    I just purchased a Helton Hot Water setup for my 12' JKU. Anyone else have this setup that could share some install information???
  18. JFarris

    1953 Ranger "Pop Up" Trailer

    I thought someone on here might be looking for what possibly could have been the very first "pop up" trailer ever built. This would be really cool if it was restored.
  19. JFarris

    JK-Headlight Replacement Options?

    What is the best option for replacing the stock headlights on a 12' JKU? I'm getting a little tired of not being able to see at night. I don't want every car flashing me, but would like something as bright as a newer Chevy P/U.
  20. JFarris

    12' JK Exhuast ?

    Wanting to order exhaust....seems like there is a few out there. Any suggestions? Definitely not wanting something loud, increased clearance though.