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    New Marlin 1895GBL

    Picked up my new .45-70 Marlin Guide Gun 1895GBL. It's got great fit and finish, I was a little skeptical after all I had read in online forums. But like anything else it seems there are multiple opinions on every subject (For true gun reviews, I like for his excellent descriptions...
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    Florida Hog Hunting.

    After a trip to Disney World my wife Lu and I went south to Lake Wales to do some hog hunting before heading home. It was real exciting being that it was my first time hunting hogs with a dog and first time catching a wild hog by hand. I grew up on a hog farm and now it's cool to hunt the wild...
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    Great hog hunt with Bang's Paradise Valley Hunt Club and NO fences

    Had a great time in South Carolina for deer and hogs September 24-26 @ Bang's PVHC. Missed a nice buck, but scored on two great tasting meat hogs one @ 95 pounds and the other @ 85. The staff was fantastic and the hunting very cool. I had about as much fun as I did on my mule deer hunt in...
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    Cooking mistakes

    I'm fairly new to this forum but have camped and cooked outdoors for years. As I read some of these threads it's funny how some are started "This may be a dumb question" or "I'm afraid to ask" To be truthful we all have made mistakes in our cooking, so never be afraid of asking. My first...