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    Suspension Upgrade on a beater 4runner.

    Hello all, long time since I've posted. Work mostly offshore on yachts, so I very rarely drive. I think the last time I drove my car was March this year. Anyway, headed out to CO for my yearly 8 week pilgrimage to snowboard. 1997 4runner. 2.7L. 5spd. 4x4. White. 250k. Thing still runs like a...
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    3rd Gen 4Runner - Life Inside/Heading West

    Taking a month or so off work, and planning to head West in my '97 4Runner. Looks like I'll do New Orleans, Austin, Colorado, Montana, and loop back toward NYC. Just put new Cooper Discoverer AT3's on, which are extremely well mannered, and a brand new clutch (at 230,000mi). Smooth as butter...
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    Tire Order Help

    Going to order tires today, and I think I'm pretty sold on the Cooper Discoverer AT3. Anyone have any good websites where they've gotten a good price/tire? 235/75/r15 is what I'm looking for. Don't really need bigger tires on my '97 4R. Only has the 2.7 and 5spd. Currently located in Newport...
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    4Runner 2.7 clutch replacement

    The time has come to replace my clutch on my unmodified '97 4Runner with the powerhouse that is the 2.7litre. Any suggestions on what to get? I've never done it myself, but will be doing the project myself here at the shipyard. It has the original clutch, at 226,500miles, and I'm not opposed to...
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    Front Hitch on a 4R

    Has anyone found a relatively simple solution for putting a front facing hitch on a 3rd gen ('97) 4Runner with a stock bumper? Would be great for boat yard, ramps, etc. Thanks!:costumed-smiley-007
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    3rd Gen 4Runner - bumper question

    Hey guys, quick question. I have a 1997 4Runner 2.7 with 5spd/4x4. I'm thinking about putting an ARB up front, and was just curious if the extra weight/shape of the bumper would impact my MPG/driving dynamic at all. It's a great little vehicle, and I love that it gets 22mpg on the road, so I...
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    Buying a used truck - what would you pay?

    1st gen Tacoma White/Regular Cab 160,000mi 2.7liter 5spd 4x4 Looks like it's in perfect condition. SE US truck with no rust. I'm very tempted to make the trip to pick it up, what do you guys think is fair to pay?
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    What to do with some extra cash?

    Need some advice. Have about 1500$ extra cash to spend on my '97 4Runner. It's stock, but a solid 9/10 condition. Mechanically sound. I don't do offroad, often or really at all. I do use it to go snowboarding, kayaking, tow my sailboat up slick ramps, etc. It's great having something reliable...
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    Water coming in.

    We're having a big rain storm here in Georgia tonight, and I noticed that my floorboard is again soaked. I can't locate where it's coming from. It usually happens after a big rain, and I'm worried about mold. Has this happened to anyone else? 1997 4Runner. Driver floorboard only. Thanks for...
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    3rd Gen. 4Runner - shock question

    Hello all, I've done some thread searching here on the forum, and have come across a ton of information regarding the "rear sag" on many of the 3rd Gen. 4Runners, but most go on to add a lift or are looking for a taller stance. On my fiancee's 2000 4Runner the sag is pretty bad, but it is a...
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    Subaru Stock Roof Rack Cross Bars

    As the title states, I've got some stock Subaru Roof Rack Cross Bars from my Impreza. Anyone know a good way to give them away/sell them? Wouldn't want much, just don't have any use for them anymore. -J
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    adding cruise control

    Has anyone added cruise control to their vehicle that didn't previously have it? I'm looking to add it to my '97 4runner 5spd. Would appreciate any help!
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    Sticky Pedal Help

    Hey guys. I've just returned back to the USA and started driving my 4runner again, affectionately named Henry. Henry is a 1997 4runner, with the 2.7litre, 5spd, and 4x4. On the first drive last night, I noticed that the gas pedal felt a little sticky. It seems to be slightly harder to push down...
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    How rare?

    Quick question: How rare is a '97 T4R in white, with 4x4/2,7litre/5spd? Anyone have the 2.7 here?
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    Market Curiousity

    Hey Everyone, Currently living in South Africa, and have the ability to get hands on many of the Land Rover Defenders that we Americans are unable to obtain. Thinking of exporting a few from here, and importing into the United States. I previously worked at a US Customs brokerage, and know how...
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    Bike value question

    Have the opportunity to pick up a 2003 KLR 650 with less than 8000miles. How much is it worth to you guys, and what relative value will it hold until Christmas. Looks like it's in great shape. Looking to ride, and sell before I move across the pond in Jan. Thanks for your help!
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    ISO: Front Bumper for 2000 Toyota 4runner

    Looking for a Front Bumper for a 2000 Toyota 4runner. Located in Statesboro, GA. Feel free to pm me or give me a call at 7069452740. -Jack
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    Calling all 2.7liter 4runners

    Are there anymore on this forum? Would love to see some more. Trying to figure out why it won't let me upload a picture. "Henry" 1997 4runner. 5spd. 2.7liter. 4x4. Natural White. Plans: front hitch rec. small lightbar, grill mounted. tires bangin' stereo
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    3rd gen shimmy

    Hey guys, quick question about my '97 4runner 2.7 5spd 4x4. When driving in town, it's super smooth and a non issue, but at highway speeds (between about 62mph and 67mph) there is a shudder in the vehicle. Not a huge one, but something I'd like to smooth out, especially because it occurs right...
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    Driving style and the Toyota 2.7litre

    Hey everyone, I am a long time reader here on expo, and had a little "build" of my 2.5litre 5spd Subaru Impreza. Long story short, brother wrecked it. Finally bought a "new" vehicle. 1997 Toyota 4runner with a 5speed and the 2.7litre engine. It's a 4x4, and white. Great little vehicle, and...