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  1. 12husky

    What is the difference between a grill and stove?

    I am going through my cooking gear and looking to make some changes. The part I can't seem to get through my head is what the difference is between my propane grill and my propane stove? I am thinking of consolidating to a grill and a wok burner as opposed to a grill, 2 burner stove, and a...
  2. 12husky

    Gasification Style Stove

    Has anyone used a stove like these? I was doing gasification research for work and ran across these. Seems like a neat little stove, but I have never heard of them before. Thoughts, Experiences?
  3. 12husky

    Looking for recipes for a special Tailgate!

    Tailgate cooking (University of Maryland Football) is similar to Camp cooking so I figured I would seek advice here. My brother is leaving for Afghanistan this fall and the 8/30 game will be the last one he gets to attend. We generally are big into the tailgates, but this one being his last...