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  1. FellowTraveler

    Suburban Aux fuel tank pics

    Some images for those considering an aux fuel tank in a 1992/99 Burb.
  2. FellowTraveler

    Civilian Class 3 Shoots

    How many of you travel intra/interstate to participate/spectator in/at civilian class 3 shoots or big shooting events like at Knob Creek?
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    Fresh off wire FYI to travelers.
  4. FellowTraveler

    Outdoor charcoal cookers

    How many of you still use outdoor charcoal cookers while traveling. I like the Cobb cooker and some Japanese types of cookers myself.
  5. FellowTraveler

    Tow vehicle squat?

    I see an awful lot of tow rigs herein that squat when towing a loaded expo trailer and I'd like to hear how any have resolved this issue in their tow rigs. Did you use air bags, air shocks or?
  6. FellowTraveler

    AMERICAN's take note!

    Take note; the following is not a political issue. There is a UNITED NATIONS weapons ban in the works via a treaty to which the U.S. Government may enter into, however, IMHO the treaty if signed would be an act of insurrection in that the treaty would be entered into to eliminate the...
  7. FellowTraveler

    I'll need salt nutralizer for the next few days!

    I'm surrounded here at my AO by salt water again by flooding, all the wildlife stayed up all nite making a racket which eventually let me sleep real good. I use salt neutralizer to wash over/under vehicle to keep the salt and resulting damage at bay and it surprised me is that most who live...
  8. FellowTraveler

    A few questions of longtime Chevy/GMC IFS 4wd owners.

    There is a rash of comments about chevy/gmc ifs front differentials being weak and even blowing apart when used for anything other than on road. There are many ifs diffs that are used in various models of chevy/gmc my questions are for owners of 3/4-1 ton units K2500/3500, however, other lighter...
  9. FellowTraveler

    Removing carpets

    Well after a small heater core leak that went undetected for awhile I've decided to remove all the carpet and padding in my Burb. The padding was soaked and puddles of 50/50 mixture of antifreeze/distilled water "nasty". I've since converted to EVANS waterless coolant and run zero (0) pressure...
  10. FellowTraveler

    Have a nice M101a3 now to get ideas for the build

    Well I have purchased the M101a3 trailer from the ad herein expo portal, has a May 2004 build date and is in perfect shape. I towed it from Oklahoma City to my humble abode in the Ozello Keys, Florida it towed great and the surge brakes are wonderful too. Wheels are 8 bolt HUMVEE w/bias ply...
  11. FellowTraveler

    S&B Filter Upgrade for GM 6.5 turbo diesel (s) w/o AMM.

    I decided to replace the factory Douglas canister with S&B 75-5045 air box & high flow filter, with a claimed air flow increase of up to 44.4% over stock filtration setup "a tall claim indeed" and yes it is a real big improvement over a K&N inside the Douglas canister.
  12. FellowTraveler

    Toughbook CF 53 need suggestions for GPS/MAP apps

    I've decided on the CF53 w/goby2000 for travel and need input for GPS/Map applications, OS is win 7 pro 64 bit. I'll be roof mounting antennas for cell/gps/etc, then micro u.fl adapter to connect laptop.
  13. FellowTraveler

    BATTERY Thermal Barrier Blanket?

    It was suggested that I get thermal barrier blankets for my batteries in engine bay concern is mostly heat, the Suburban did not come with any battery covers/blankets when new. Batteries are AGM Odyssey 1500 CA any thoughts, or?
  14. FellowTraveler

    Question for users of older diesels.

    Since the wave of lower sulfur diesel fuels here in the USA have you substituted anything to replace the lost lubricating features of sulfur and how have the lift pump, injection pump and injectors held up to the added lubrication? If you didn't add anything how have the lift pump, injection...
  15. FellowTraveler

    What gears, tire size and fuel type are you guys runnin?

    I've found I can go with less gears under all conditions with my K2500 diesel Suburban provided I stay with tire diameter at or close to stock because of low rpm torque output of my 6.5td. I'm interested in results from others who have made gear/tire changes and what results good/bad then type...
  16. FellowTraveler

    R&R tires for repair on full size off the beaten path

    I'm interested in what everyone is doing to R&R tires on their full size rigs off the beaten path? I've seen small manual tire machine attached to vehicle, jacks to break bead, tire irons of all sizes, even some individuals using lighter fluid by pouring some into tire then igniting it to...
  17. FellowTraveler

    Aux Fuel Tank Suburban

    I had an inquiry about Suburban aux fuel tank, lost the message so posting here. Chevy/GMC Suburbans 1992 through 1999 aux fuel tank 25 gals, mid-ship drivers side mount is available from Northwest Metal Products, I have no affiliation with them. Or, build it yourself for much less!
  18. FellowTraveler

    2007 & newer diesel powered vehicle fuel?

    Am I right to think that newer 2007+ diesel powered vehicles are limited in their travels because of poor quality or high sulfur diesel fuel in many countries?
  19. FellowTraveler

    Highest load rated tire wheel combo 16"

    Any of you know of any 16" tire wheel combo that exceeds 3750 lbs I know Alcoa forged classics 8 lug 16" and 285/75/16 e rated tires meet this 3750 lb rating but wondering if any higher rated combos in 16" are out there?
  20. FellowTraveler

    Water Makers any good, or?

    Making final decisions to complete my Burban build. I've seen a few water makers "pull water from the air type" out there and considering to use one but would like feedback from any of you who have used these types of devices.