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  1. jerdog53

    2013 Mercedes Sprinter Adventure Van Denver Co.

    Named after one of Colorado’s high-mountain lakes, Isabel is a low-mileage 2013 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 with a brand-new conversion, built in conjunction with Van Life Customs. And like her namesake, this 6 cylinder diesel beauty is built to take on elevation in comfort, style, and effortless...
  2. jerdog53

    Two way radio and smart phones.....

    I see that Alianza has created a "dock" or 'case' for iPhones, Android and Crackberrys that convert them into two way radios. alianzahd Features include: Multi band capability VHF UHF and 800 Mhz Field Programability IP Interoperability Encryption Priority scan Interesting to see your...
  3. jerdog53

    Devon D44 Discreet winch mount group buy LR3/4

    Just got off the phone with Justin at Lucky8 and we are looking to get a few more people onboard for a group buy on these Devon D44 Discreet winch mounts which have just recently become available again. This is the mount. Unseenone has one of these units installed and can field any...
  4. jerdog53

    Puck up bed cots

    ********These have been sold!!!!!!! I have a set of cots designed to be connected to the bed sides of a pick up. I purchased them new from Cabela's back in the 1990s and have used them a few times with much success, I no longer have a pick up and no longer need these. The are designed to be...
  5. jerdog53

    Dual Battery Installation in LR3

    I set out this summer wanting to run dual batteries for I felt a lot of reasons. Refrigerator operation, winching, Ham radio power and to provide juice for all those sundry electronic devices we accumulate. Did some research on line and read some forums and decided on the D3-DU kit from...
  6. jerdog53

    4 Michelin LTX A/S tires 265/60R18

    I have a set of 4 Michelin LTX A/S tires in a 265/60R18 with 8/32" worth of tread left which is roughly half the tread. These are $200 a piece tires new and I would like $125 each and I will not separate. They were removed from my Land Rover LR3 by Discount Tire. I will ship and...
  7. jerdog53

    Mickey Thompson Baja STZ for an LR3

    Trying to decide between a Cooper Disco AT3, Toyo open Country AT2 and this STZ all in a 265 /60 or 265/65 18 Thoughts? Sending elections from my electron sending device....
  8. jerdog53

    1999 Cagiva Gran Canyon Denver

    *** Sold *** 1999 Cagiva /Ducati Gran Canyon 900. $3500 Great condition. 80,XXX KMs (50,XXX miles) Denver Colorado Very strong Ducati 900 2 Valve air cooled engine (as in Monster), very smooth and plenty powerful for two-up riding. Starts instantly and strongly, acceleration is smooth and...
  9. jerdog53

    Mid Sized Ducati Multistrada

    Ran across this on another forum and so I'll also post it over here as well... :coffee: Here is the source link Translation.... This is what i...
  10. jerdog53

    Lowrance 540c maps

    I have one of these units and am interested in maps or SD cards of Central America, I'm not finding anything for sure that looks to me like what we can get for the US besides FreedomMaps™ World Reference Map (F24). I am assuming there is not anything commercially out there for this so I...
  11. jerdog53

    Random Climbing Photos

    I see that there isnt a photo thread here in the climbing section and being as i have now started this sport (like i need another hobby) i will start the first set with some indoor shots of me on the wall at Stone Age Climbing Gym. and
  12. jerdog53

    Volant Pariscoop Offroad Snorkel

    I like the looks of this unit more so than the ARB unit and was wondering if anyone had one or experiance with it?
  13. jerdog53

    Cagive Gran Canyon

    new to me and thought I would share And with out the bags :bike_rider:
  14. jerdog53

    WTB disco

    I am looking for a Disco for my dad, he is willing to spend in the mid teens for a few years old with low miles disco that will last him as long as he is still able to drive. This will be his retirement vehicle so the most bang for the buck and longevity is a must. He is in Colorado and I in...
  15. jerdog53

    Truck Vaults

    Any one have any experiances with these Truck Vault I can think they would be rather pricey but but i like them!
  16. jerdog53

    High lift mount

    Some of you have been asking for more pics on how I mounted my high lift jack on my hood so I finally got around to getting some photos put together so here you are. I remove the rack when not in use for day to day driveing it is in the garage.
  17. jerdog53

    Lowrance 540C

    So I got it finally and got it installed in such a manor as to be removable when I have the hard top off my LJ. Antenna is routed through the dash to the roll bar padding to the top of the speaker pod and is removable at the cannon plug. Power cable plugged into the power outlet in the dash...
  18. jerdog53

    Off road trailer

    I ran accross this on another fourm and thought some one here might be interested. Jeep Trailer :victory:
  19. jerdog53


    Any body have any experiance with one of thses? Looks like everything and off road trailer would need to properly go. Anybody sell them or import them into the states?
  20. jerdog53


    Howdy all! I am really surprised there hasn't been any posts about this here. Our friends in Oz have seen them for sure but most Americans haven't yet i have found. This expedition camper trailer is built by Track Trailer and is called the Tvan! It is the most awesome off road camp/tent...