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  1. photoman

    Superstion Mountains

    Spent a rainy day in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Great experience to be driving and hiking in these conditions but waiting on the low hanging clouds to provide enough light and composition was a game of patience. 1. 2.
  2. photoman

    Death Valley

    Spent a couple days in Death Valley trying to get some year end photography in. Light was not in our favor, Badwater is still recovering from the flood and there are no rocks in the Racetrack so it turned into primarily a scouting trip. Here are a few that were worth editing. 1. Zabrinski...
  3. photoman

    RTT Replacement Cover

    I have an African Outback Technitop RTT and the cover has become quite crispy over the years in the desert. Anyone know an Arizona source to get a new top made?
  4. photoman

    1st Gen Brake Upgrade?

    So with adding bumpers, sliders, and roof top tent who has upgraded the brakes on their 1st Gen Tundra and what route did you go?
  5. photoman

    Year End Slide Show

    Each year I create a slide show of images from the year. The link below is for images from 2013. Music by Ronald Jenkees
  6. photoman

    Holiday Cards

    Anyone else create their own holiday cards?
  7. photoman

    Lake Powell Photo Adventure

    It had been five years since our original paring and though we have maintained contact and even shot with one another in our travels, we had not got back together as a group. We agreed that this was absurd and started negotiations in February on a 2013 trip to re-unite. After settling on a Lake...
  8. photoman

    Best of 2012

    So as the end of the year is near its time to look back and find your best/favorite photos of 2012. Whether its a slide show or just posting a top 10 or top 12 - please share your best of 2012 Here is my annual slideshow along with some beats from Ronald Jenkees
  9. photoman


    So other than the Expo calendar that Silverbullet has done the last couple of years, anyone else have experience making and preferrably selling calendars? I did some research recently and settled on creating one through Red Bubble. Was looking to see what other companies people have had success...
  10. photoman

    Manual blends

    Who on here is proficient in manually blending images? I gave it my first go this evening with these two panos- 1. I really liked the lighting in this one including the background light 2. but I liked the sky in this one The files weren't the same size and I didn't spend a whole lot of...
  11. photoman

    Best of 2011

    The end of the year is fast approaching so I created my annual slide show of some of my best shots from the year. Enjoy Best of 2011 Feel free to post up your best of 2011 as well. Cheers :beer:
  12. photoman

    Night photography with a point and shoot

    Took a short one day one night trip to the Mogollon Rim this weekend with Joe (08whitexterra). Had all the camera gear along but only took a handful of shots. We were playing around with some night shots and decided to stretch the limits of our point and shoots. Here are 3 from a Canon S95 1...
  13. photoman

    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    With Trevor's recent thread on Nik Silver Efex 2 some fantastic b&w images were shared. While that thread is a great discussion of different processes and techniques this thread can simply be a showcase of members black and white images, film or digital conversions. 1. Digital conversion in...
  14. photoman

    2011 Father and Son Spring Break Bugout

    Each and every year I take my son on a road trip during his spring break. Past years have included Utah & Northern AZ, six days in San Diego, NW New Mexico, and the Pacific Northwest. For 2011 we decided to return to New Mexico and hit several sites in the Western and Southern parts of the...
  15. photoman

    Arkadiusz Podniesinski

    A friend of mine used this guy as a guide to photograph Chernobyl. His portrait work in Ethiopia is pretty amazing though. Studio quality work in the bush with nomadic tribes.
  16. photoman

    The Great Escape

    It has been far too long since my last photo trip so this past weekend, along with two like minded individuals, I made The Great Escape into some of Arizona's surreal lands. 1. 2. As night set in the moon and our campfire provided some magical light on the sandstone among us. 3. 4. We...
  17. photoman

    Happy Outdoor Holidays

    Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season
  18. photoman

    Best of 2010

    Every year I throw a few photos together to make a best of the year slide show. Here is 2010 so far..... Best of 2010 Feel free to link or post your favorite shots of 2010 as well.
  19. photoman

    Olympus E-3 Camera and Lenses

    Looking to sell off the rest of my Olympus gear. Olympus E-3 Four Thirds Camera 10MP DSLR Splash proof Articulating LCD Rest of the specs: Camera has 16k actuations (life expectancy 150k). Comes with original box...
  20. photoman

    Olympus Gear for Sale

    I am making some changes to my arsenal of photo equipment and selling my Olympus gear. Olympus E-3 dslr $670 14,124 shutter clicks Rear View LCD and Top Display have plastic covers which could be replaced Olympus E-500 dslr $250 40,447 shutter clicks SOLD Zuiko 50-200 F2.8-3.5 non...