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  1. Anton2k3

    Adventure Overland 2018 UK

    Is anyone on here planning to attend AO2018 in Stratford Upon Avon this September?
  2. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario Transfer Box - Units for sale

    No affiliation here, just stumbled across this: Might be a good start to a vario 4x4 conversion. If I still had ours I'd consider it. Cheers
  3. Anton2k3

    Wet underfloor heating system

    Hey guys, has anyone successfully installed a wet system based around a diesel water furnace system (eberspacher etc)? Any details much appreciated. Thanks, Anthony
  4. Anton2k3

    Name TBC - Sprinter 516 4x4 Build

    The time has come, to start our third camper van build. We sold our Mercedes Vario camper a few weeks ago to a fellow member. So, on Friday we picked up our new (to us) base vehicle. Its a 2012 sprinter 516 4x4. We went all the way to Ireland (from London) to collect it, as it was the lowest...
  5. Anton2k3

    Unicat source for electrical fittings

    Hey guys, Anyone know where unicat gets their light switches from? Example of what they look like here: Cheers, Anthony
  6. Anton2k3

    A What's It Worth Thread - Mercedes Vario

    Hey Guys, I know these threads can be annoying, but I need some input. We have decided to sell our Vario, and start again with a smaller van (we're now London based, so also need to meet LEZ). The specs are posted below. Mechanically it's in great condition, engine runs perfectly, and in the...
  7. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario 814d Sill Replacement

    Hey guys, Has anyone had to replace the sills on their varios on here yet? Mine are pretty shot, but I can't seem to find a supplier of panels/repair panels to sort it out. Does anyone on here know of a source? Thanks, Anthony
  8. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario 814 oem tyre size

    Hey guys, as the title, does anyone have the specs for oem tyres? I need to order some before my holiday next week but not with the van to check the size. Cheers
  9. Anton2k3

    Changing Mercedes Vario 814 Rear Discs

    Hey Guys, The time has come to change out the rear discs on my Vario, it's suffering from excessive brake judder and the fronts have been done. Now, reading a little on google, it sounds like a nightmarish job. As I understand i'll need new hubs as well as discs as the design changed due to...
  10. Anton2k3

    Alternative to locking diff...brake lock diff

    I've just stumbled across this by accident. Apparently some jeeps are fitted with this brake lock diff system. Essentially, the system will apply the brakes (as much as necessary) on the spinning wheel to allow the power to transfer to the other (hopefully over some better ground) wheel to turn...
  11. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario 814 Dash/tacho...dial size

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a couple of gauges, namely durite boost gauge and air pressure gauge. I have two blanks on my clocks/dash where air pressure gauges would normally fit on the posh models. I'm wondering if I can retrofit 52mm gauges into these slots? If they are 40mm for example...
  12. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario Running Issues - No Power

    Hey guys, Came to use my van after 9 months of sitting, but had to cancel my holiday due to an issue with the engine. Its suffering from low power, and struggles to rev past 1500-1800 rpm. Ive changed the fuel filters (main and pre). There are no lights on the dash and no fault codes coming up...
  13. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario Second Alternator

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about installing a second alternator onto our 814d. We had a sterling battery to battery charger (24-12v), but it stopped working some time ago. Since then we have relied on the solar panels and the generator. However i'd like to be able to charge while driving...
  14. Anton2k3

    Mercedes Vario Tuning

    Hey guys, Has anyone looked into getting the Vario's remapped? A little more poke and possible increase in fuel economy would be nice. Ta Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. Anton2k3

    Intro and Our Mercedes Vario Home -Gen rack pg.5. Ideas on uprating rear suspension?

    Intro and Our Mercedes Vario Home -Long overdue update Hi Guys, I thought now its nearly finished, it was about time I introduced my self. I've been a long time lurker on this forum, and picked up ideas from other people (great!) builds. Thanks for all of the inspiration! We started off by...
  16. Anton2k3

    Hanging spare wheel on rear door

    Hey guys, Just coming towards the end of my camper conversion on a mercedes vario 814d. I have been musing over various alternatives for the spare, and have just seen what earthroamer do with theirs and the lift to get it down, i think its brilliant. So, do you think a rear door/hinges would be...