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  1. BogusBlake

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, TRD 4x4 - 150,080 miles, original owner - 3.4L V6, 4-speed automatic transmission - White with gray cloth interior, SR5 trim level - TRD offroad package (skid plates, Tokiko shocks, and rear locking differential) - TRD transmission cooler - TRD HD fan clutch - '05...
  2. BogusBlake

    For Sale: 2006 E350 RB50 Diesel 4x4 $60,000

    SOLD: One awesome Sportsmobile camping van If you're looking here, you probably have an idea of how Sportsmobiles are typically equipped, but here are some of the major features on my van: 2006 Ford E350 RB, 6.0 diesel. ~70,000 miles BPD EGR cooler Diesel Site Coolant filter Recently new AGM...
  3. BogusBlake

    My first CO snow wheeling!

    It dumped some snow in the mountains this weekend so we couldn't help but go get out in it! :wings: We went and did a little wheeling near Breckenridge, close to the back side of Keystone. My idiot dogs love the snow!
  4. BogusBlake

    Quick-Fist tube clamps- Carry your shovel in style!

    Bungie cords are such a hack way to carry your shovel or axe. Check out these Quick-Fist tube clamps I made- I used a 2-piece shaft collar and milled a flat on them. Then I tapped a hole and screwed the Quick-Fist into it. They could really use some stainless steel socket head cap screws, but...
  5. BogusBlake

    Lets talk about External Speakers

    When I buy my ham rig, it will be remote mounted. Ill need an external speaker if I'm going to hear it up front. I have a few basic questions and would like to discuss some options. Are these things powered, or are they just driven by the speaker output on the radio? If they're powered, do you...
  6. BogusBlake

    UHF / GMRS monitoring with a dual band rig

    UHF / GMRS monitoring and dual recieve So I'm thinking about picking up a dual band mobile rig. A few I've looked at have a frequency range that goes up to 520MHz. GMRS and FRS frequencies (~462 and 467 MHz) are in this band. If I dial in the frequency of a GMRS or FRS channel, can I monitor...
  7. BogusBlake

    Waterman Mountains (West of Tucson) 6-10-07

    Anyone been out in the Waterman Mountains, West of Tucson? I went out there today to do a little prospecting for rock crawling trails. It's mostly BLM land which means existing roads and trails are open for vehicles unless posted otherwise. There's active mining around there, but there used to...
  8. BogusBlake

    Saw a cool Rover camper today

    I passed this guy on WB I-10 about 5:45 today. Belong to anyone here?
  9. BogusBlake

    Open Invite, Florence, 4/28-29th

    Last minute, I know... Another forum I'm active on is doing an open invite trip to FJ this weekend! The WAZ crew will be mostly buggies and truggies, but all skill levels and vehicles are welcome. We'll split up into groups during the day to run appropriate trails then meet back up for campfire...
  10. BogusBlake

    Charleau Gap, Sunday 2-25

    I'm going to do a quick in&out from the Catalina side Sunday. Ill be at the trailhead at noon, leaving shortly after. I might go as far as the wash, but I'm just shaking down my recently running buggy, so I'm not on any kind of schedule. :safari-rig:
  11. BogusBlake

    Tacoma Factory Service Manual (online PDF)

    I swear by the FSM for maintenance procedures and especially torque specs. I was surfing around today and found this one: 2003 Tacoma FSM It includes information for the 5VZFE engine as well. I figured some folks on here might find it useful. :Mechanic: :safari-rig:
  12. BogusBlake

    Camping, Hassayampa River, 12/29-12/31

    Tacozona and I, along with our wives and maybe a few other guests, will be camping at the Hassayampa river (North of Wikenburg, where the 2006 ExPo Trophy was held) from 12/29-12/31. Coordinates are 34 02.597N 112 42.214W We might do a little wheeling, but we'll definately be doing some...
  13. BogusBlake

    Differential Protection

    There's some chat in the Completed trips section about diff protection on Toyota axles, so I thought I'd start up a thread in the tech section where it belongs. I used an 8" weldable pipe cap cut in half on the axles of my '85 and it works great. The cap is probably 1/4 inch thick and fits...
  14. BogusBlake

    Multi-purpose Taco build

    So I bought my '04 Tacoma Double Cab 4wd a little over two years ago to replace my '85 Xtra Cab for daily driving duties. The '85 has since turned into my rock buggy and I've managed to keep my welder away from the Taco. However, this truck serves many roles for me and the stock configuration...