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  1. pismo62

    Changing out the A440 for a H55!!

    I'm in the process of taking out the A440 form my FJ62, and replacing it with the H55 five speed. I'm planning on taking about a month to get through it all. Hopefully, this will help anyone considering the same swap. I've started a thread on the Mud web site...
  2. pismo62

    Piaa 6" lights

    I have a set of PIAA 6" 520 fog lights. Lightly used, harness and everything necessary to set up. 125.00$ shpped. PayPal
  3. pismo62

    Winchline 100 Series Hawse Fairlead

    Selling my aluminum Fairlead, used maybe 3 times, in great shape. 45.00$ shipped. PayPal [/IMG]
  4. pismo62

    1988 Toyota Troopy Landcruiser 1HZ Motor Diesel

    Saw this on caigslist: Wish i could swing it. I wonder how he got the cal tags with the import, and diesel. :exclaim: No relation..
  5. pismo62

    Love my new Canon 24-105 L series lens!!

    I ordered a new lens for my Canon 30D. The 24-105 zoom lens. Gotto say it's very nice. I love the versitility, and clarity. Here's a couple shot up in Big Sur.
  6. pismo62

    Help! I'm trying to get my PIAA 520 lights set-up with No Instruction Manuel.

    I bought a second hand set of PIAA 520's. They look good but I'm having trouble getting them set-up and working. I tryed a couple ways of connecting them, with no luck. In the picture I marked what I think are the (+) (-) (ground). The fuse in the relay looks fine. Any help would be greatly...
  7. pismo62

    Warn or Superwinch--Need advice.

    I'm looking at pulling the trigger on a winch in the next couple days. I've looked at the Warn 8000 and plan to put synthetic line on it, with the Aluminum Hawse Fairlead. Weight about 50 +/-, cost 750$+/-. I've also looked into the Superwinch EP9.0 that is already set up with synthetic and...
  8. pismo62

    Kern River/ Sherman Pass/ Manache Meadows

    We took a couple days off and decided to get out of the fog and head up for some toasty days along the Kern River. Our trip took us up along the River to Lake Isabella. At the lake we dawned our bathing suits and jumped in, seeing that the A/C stopped working awhile back, and the tempature was...
  9. pismo62

    Central Coast, Twin Rocks Trail on Memorial Day

    We had a great time on Memorial day on the Twin Rocks trail about 25 miles out of Santa Maria, Ca. A few of the local guys got together for some trail riding and lunch. The trail follows through the hills and climbs steeply following switchbacks to the top of the ridge. The trail then meanders...
  10. pismo62

    Central Coast, Twin Rocks Trail--Memorial Day Mourning

    A few of the CC guys are going to hit the Twin Rocks trails on Memorial day mourning. If anyone is interested in joining us, let me know.
  11. pismo62

    Picked up a Laptop. Which GPS reciever to add?

    Hi Guys, I finally purchased Laptop, ( Toshiba,Satellite) and was wondering what is working well for the Gps Reciever. 1) Garmin 2) Delorme 3) Microsoft ? After that I plan to jump into Oziexplorer. Thanks for the advice in advance. Guy:safari-rig:
  12. pismo62

    Death Valley Trip 3/21/3/25

    We made our trek out to D.V. for the first time. the boys and I had a great time. The first night we arrive in Lone Pine and spent the night there. In the mourning we hit the visitor center, then headed up the Swansea Cerro-Gordo trail, What a great trail with beautiful surrondings all the...
  13. pismo62

    Death Valley 4/12--4/15

    Hi everyone, this is a first time post for a trip. I'm planning a trip out to Death Valley with my boys 7 and 11, for exploration and off-raod education. This will be a family oriented trip and would love some company. Hopefully there are other that would enjoy the trip. Here is the Schedule...