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  1. KlutchInd

    Ambo door handles - rear door D-ring style

    Well its been a busy spring and summer. Just had our first child in June after moving in March and starting a new job. So unfortunately since moving my truck has sat relatively idle. And in that idleness my rear door latch stopped working. It had begun to be a little difficult to work but...
  2. KlutchInd

    7.3 fuel leak...solved

    Well like many 7.3's I've got a fuel leak. Bought a new housing from DieselOrings a while back (overkill likely but figured if I'm there why not). Finally got it inside to start pulling it apart. And while pulling it apart it seems that the leak is coming from one of the fuel return hoses...
  3. KlutchInd

    NO LONGER FOR SALE: 1998 Ford E350 Disaster Relief Vehicle Ambulance 7.3 Powerstroke 44k miles

    If you're looking to build your ultimate expo rig, this is one of the best blank slate trucks out there. It's a 1998 Red Cross disaster relief vehicle (still has the cross on the roof) that I bought in Texas. Basically an ambo with a big box, big back doors and without all the ambo stuff...
  4. KlutchInd

    Light recommendations

    I'm looking for some LED light recommendations. I know there are a million basic LED lights out there, just seeing what people have tried. First, I'd like to replace the dead, tired out old fog lights on my bumper. Second, what are people using to replace the flourescent bulbs inside an ambo?
  5. KlutchInd

    Disaster Relief Vehicle

    So I had an 88 E350 Quigley project going but it had more rust than I wanted to deal with and when this popped up on ebay I moved as quickly as I could. I've been looking for this type of vehicle for quite a while for going to the track and not having to haul a trailer. Van or box...
  6. KlutchInd

    88 E250 EB Quigley - back in the van game

    I've been lurking and reading here for a few months while searching for a good project van. So many hours reading! My last van was about 7 years ago, 88 GMC G30 with a homemade (not by me) 4x4 conversion. My plan this time was to find a clean, rust free, low mileage van and send it to Chris...