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  1. IndianaDano

    Overlanding w Toys - Options That Won't Break the Bank

    All, I have been trying to decide on the best way to accomplish my desire to get more off the beaten path with a RV while still being able to have a motorcycle with me (Harley and/or Adventure Bike) without breaking the bank. I gutted a 1964 Airstream and renovated it so Im both handy enough...
  2. IndianaDano

    2015 Ram2500 AEV Prospector

    Not mine but good looking rig
  3. IndianaDano

    WTB - 4x4 Ambulance Conversion (Partial or Finished Conversion to RV)

    All: I know this is a common request but I am looking to minimize the time needed to buy a ambo then start a conversion. I work remote (like most of the world right now) so I want to have the option to jump in and go while working full-time. I have done a complete renovation of a vintage...