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  1. Michael Brown

    New GenIII Montero Owner

    Valve cover leaks, coolant leaks, flashing 4WD lights, and some other normal things for an older vehicle. Most can be taken care of easily, and yours is pretty low miles for the year, so it may not have those problems. Go to the link in my signature to grab an FSM. That should cover almost...
  2. Michael Brown

    Gen 3 crankshaft pulley bolt!

    Another source for OEM parts is PartSouq. The are our of UAE, but ship pretty quickly. I think they are a central hub for global parts distribution.
  3. Michael Brown

    Mitsubishi to Kill Off the Pajero (Montero)

    They are probably leaving the large SUV market completely and only selling the truck overseas. Cars and CUVs are making them more money for less design and development cost.
  4. Michael Brown

    Gen 3 crankshaft pulley bolt!

    RockAuto sells kits by Aisin and some other manufacturers if you need one. Might want a crank sensor depending on whether it was damaged.
  5. Michael Brown

    Cooling Conundrum 🤷‍♂️

    Check the radiator cap and hose going to the overflow tank. Clear it out if you cannot blow air through it. The system builds pressure while running, pushing fluid into the tank, and then pulls vacuum after it cools. If the hoses are flat, then it isn't able to pull from the overflow tank...
  6. Michael Brown

    Gen 3 traction control problems

    It will disable traction/stability control if it has an active or a pending code that affects the powertrain. Any auto parts store should be able to check it for free. If it is only a pending code, it will clear itself once the ignition is cycled. It will then check again once powered up.
  7. Michael Brown

    Gramps 2.0 - Gen3 Montero Build

    You may also need to check the vacuum diaphragm on the front axle disconnect for movement or leaks. I had to replace mine due to a tear in the outer section. The system also usually needs to be exercised, especially if it wasn't used much. You'll find some more troubleshooting tips here...
  8. Michael Brown

    Gramps 2.0 - Gen3 Montero Build

    Looks great. If I was closer, I'd get the 3rd row headrests from you.
  9. Michael Brown

    Gen 3 crankshaft pulley bolt!

    My 2005 Gen 3 with 3.8l definitely had the long crank bolt installed from the factory. I changed it to the short one a few years ago. Installed a new one again after changing timing belt, but saved the old ones anyway. Torque is pretty high in the FSM, but I added a little blue loctite to be...
  10. Michael Brown

    Gen 3, 2005 Montero, Sunroof weatherstripping

    I was cleaning up the edges of the seal yesterday, when I noticed it starting to tear in one spot. I have no leaks currently, but it may get worse. The OEM replacement (MR523599) is around $150. Is there anyone who has repaired the OEM rubber weatherstrip or found an aftermarket replacement...
  11. Michael Brown

    02 gen3 AC issues.

    FSM has a section for AC troubleshooting if I remember correctly. Should have wiring diagram and expected Voltage/Resistance tests for the components. Grab one from my link if you don't have a copy already.
  12. Michael Brown

    Searching for a 3rd Gen Weekend Whomper

    Looks really clean. Grab the free FSM for 03 or 06 from the link in my signature if you don't already have one. I'm due to change brakes again. I ran OEM pads with Raybesto economy rotors (RockAuto) for the last 60k miles. Going to replace with Raybesto Ceramic pads and a new set of the...
  13. Michael Brown

    Anyone running pro comp wheels on a Gen 3?

    17" may also be a little cheaper for tire selection since that is a common Wrangler size. Those should also clear your calipers without an issue.
  14. Michael Brown

    Question: 3rd Gen Montero Rear Suspension Setup

    The Pajero/Montero was also being developed under the race conditions of Dakar in Africa. High speed desert racing benefits from IRS greatly where there is little crawling/low speed obstacles. This also improves road handling over the solid axle. If you look at King of Hammers/Ultra4 cars...
  15. Michael Brown

    Opinions on Condition (based on these photos)

    Probably Leaking valve cover. Both of mine (3.5L, and 3.8L) got leaks on that side.
  16. Michael Brown

    Hello! New member w/3rd gen in PA

    Grab a FSM from my signature if you do not already have one. Looks like a solid purchase!
  17. Michael Brown

    2006 Mitsubishi Montero Limited worth it.

    There isn't, and the real answer is a little more difficult. I believe the 4-speed is known to be Aisin, while the 5-speed is commonly referred to as the Jatco model. However, the 5-speed V5A51 transmission used is not referred to as Aisin or Jatco. Both use the same SP-III fluid...
  18. Michael Brown

    New Gen3 Montero owner (Alberta)

    Grab the FSM from my signature if you don't have one already. Looks great, hope it brings you many years of travel.
  19. Michael Brown

    Weird 2nd gen coolant leak and question about front axle shaft

    Go to my signature to grab an FSM for the location of the pipes/hoses. Parts can be found on RockAuto or PartSouq. I usually use the latter to decide which ones I want to be OEM since they provide parts diagrams.
  20. Michael Brown

    Goodbye Monty, selling it here first. Please read...

    Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully it goes to some use here.