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    My Journey

    Echoing Ace's sentiments, I don't think I've ever sat staring at a computer screen with a giant lump in my throat due to another person's dog. But that's just the thing, they aren't just dogs, are they? They are our friends. They are our family. And damn, those types of losses hurt like hell. My...
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    SOLD - 08 Toyota LandCruiser Overland Built - SoCal

    Excellent turnkey opportunity with the few niggling 200 series maintenance items remedied. GLWS!
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    1995 Discovery w/ land cruiser v8

    Given the intake location and valve covers my untrained eye thinks that’s a 1UZ-FE. But it could be a 2UZ bottom end with a 1UZ top end?
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    2000 Jeep XJ Newly RUST FREE 100% clean w/140k great engine and transmission (Motivated Seller)

    Here are some pics:
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    Thread Locked: 2011 LX 570 (200 series) locked on 37s

    Spent a lot of Cruise Moab in this truck. It's legit.
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    200 Series Wheels

    FN Wheels did/does make a 5 lug knock off compatible with Tundras/200 Series (done in an 18", not 17" wheel). They have removed them from their website, but might available if you call them directly. Here's a thread about them, mounted pics on page 2...
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    Price drop!! 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon fully loaded with AEV upgrades Monroney sticker from the CL ad
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    SOLD ***Price Drop: 17500$USD***A one of a kind Ford F150 Raptor!

    What are you referring to? Where/which picture?
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    2015 Jeep JK with AT Habitat $34,999.00

    The ad states it has a D30 in the front and the interior picture clearly shows it lacks the buttons for lockers and sway bar. Not a Rubicon model.
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    2003 Land Rover Discovery Trek #4

    Cummins Classic? Is there a build thread somewhere?!?
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    No longer available

    Overland vehicle or not, this is super cool! As someone who owns an SRT Jeep, I love me a playful SUV. I don't know the market but I feel like your asking price is reasonable. If you're willing to play with a reserve, I would think this might do well on if they are agreeable...
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    1994 Land Rover Disco 5.3 v8

    What happened with the BaT buyer?
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    SOLD 1990 Range Rover Classic : CO

    Overall, so much to like here. Love the color and upgrades!
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    The Big O JKUR build thread

    I missed this. So glad to see you enjoying it! I miss the Jeep on a pretty frequent basis.
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    2003 Land Rover Discovery Trek #4 That's him
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    Exploration Ready 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic (XJ) and RTT / Rack (SOLD)

    So is the rebuilt cylinder head an old 0331, TUPY 0331, or one of the aftermarket options? Guessing not the latter since you said OEM. Love me a red XJ. The whole being 3,000 miles away is a bit problematic though. GLWS.
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    2012 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X Clone-built for expedition and off road-low miles $18,000

    THIS!!! Also stick your $18k price into the ad so we're not required to click the edited CL link.
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    2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Who tuned it/how (MegaSquirt/SCT/B&G, etc)? SCT or some type of handheld included or was PCM shipped out to be re-flashed? Is it running both closed and open loop? I feel like some folks have tuned these to run permanently in closed loop, which would pose several more questions, mainly can it...