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  1. Michael Brown

    Gen 3, 2005 Montero, Sunroof weatherstripping

    I was cleaning up the edges of the seal yesterday, when I noticed it starting to tear in one spot. I have no leaks currently, but it may get worse. The OEM replacement (MR523599) is around $150. Is there anyone who has repaired the OEM rubber weatherstrip or found an aftermarket replacement...
  2. Michael Brown

    2018 Pajero/Delica Assembly Factory Tour Video

    Some may have seen this before, but it is very interesting to watch. Factory tour of current production Gen-4 Pajero and D5 Delica vehicles. At 4:30, you can see the Pajero frame being welded into the monocoque. When it shows a close up at 4:34 where you can see the integrated ladder frame...
  3. Michael Brown

    Montero 3.8L Valve Stem Seals

    RockAuto has the MAHLE valve stem seals on closeout for $0.30 each. Not a bad price if someone needs to get this job done.,2005,montero,3.8l+v6,1431547,engine,valve+stem+seal,5800
  4. Michael Brown

    Gen 2 Montero on front page story of ExPo

    Someone's lucky Montero made it to a front page story about the Outpost trade retreat. It's even the 4th picture in the article. Very good looking rig.
  5. Michael Brown

    2005 Montero 3.8L Inlet Water Pipe Leak

    I have had a coolant leak coming from my water pipe o-ring for a while and decided to try to fix it. I had ordered o-rings and removed the manifold only to find that I had gotten o-rings for the wrong pipe. I had ordered the o-rings [N10] for the bypass pipe [9] and not for the pipe in the...
  6. Michael Brown

    Mitsubishi Delica wandering near Greenville, SC

    I was driving home the other day and passed a dark (possibly green?) Mitsubishi Delica just south of Greenville, SC. I was wondering if that belonged to anyone in the forum. It also made me really want one.
  7. Michael Brown

    Mitsubishi Links down?

    Has anyone else tried going to lately?
  8. Michael Brown

    Australian Offroad Production Class wins

    Not exactly expedition material, but cool to see one racing in a production class.
  9. Michael Brown

    Working on a 2005 Montero. Big shoes to fill. Some issues to fix.

    So my 2001 Montero, my first car has been wrecked. Here it is on the last trip to the mountains. ...and after it found some black ice during the snow storm. It pulled off the road onto a dirt bank and then rolled/tumbled at least twice. I was the only passenger and I have no injuries. I...
  10. Michael Brown

    Tell Mitsubishi that these should be brought here.

    I would buy one tomorrow if I could.
  11. Michael Brown

    Diesel Pajero Import

    I was wondering if anyone has seen these or considered importing the diesels. I know registration/emissions might be problematic, but this is intriguing.
  12. Michael Brown

    Pajero/Montero 30th Anniversary Online Museum

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I saw it over on the wire. Very cool history.
  13. Michael Brown

    Looking at Suzuki V-Strom 650

    I am new to motorcycles, but not to offroading. I currently have a Montero, but it isn't the best on gas or for transporting just me. I started looking at adventure bikes because I like the idea of traveling to the mountains for a day or two and being able to explore an interesting dirt path...
  14. Michael Brown

    OEM/Aftermarket Montero/Pajero Parts Sources

    I am going to use this thread to post up any parts dealers I find for the Monteros/Pajeros. Please post any OEM or aftermarket parts sources you have used and your experience with them. This way new users, or those who are having trouble finding a part can have a one stop list for parts and...