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  1. Todd n Natalie

    Syncro Doka Transporter

    Found this poking around online. Thought it was neat. No affiliation.
  2. Todd n Natalie

    2015 f150 transmission issues?

    2015 F150 5.0L with 6 speed. My wrench light keeps coming on and a fan will kick in and the gear lights on the dash all flicker. Seems to downshift while accelerating or while on cruise on the highway? Any ideas what this could be? The light goes out after a few seconds and everything returns...
  3. Todd n Natalie

    2021 Hilux

    Maybe it's just me but, I think the Tacoma and 4Runner look better.
  4. Todd n Natalie

    Scout Camper

    This looks neat:
  5. Todd n Natalie

    Fishing sub forum?

    I see a section for fly fishing but, not... fishing. Am I missing it?
  6. Todd n Natalie

    US market unimog for sale.
  7. Todd n Natalie

    2021 F150 Spy shots. Is Ford going back to '09-'14?

    Looks like the tailights off an '09-14' F150 to me? I'm not digging the way the headlights and grill come together on this model.
  8. Todd n Natalie

    Nikola Motors

    Didn't see anything about this truck, so thought I'd share this article. I like it better than the CyberTruck.
  9. Todd n Natalie

    Aerostar GTRV

    Not mine, just saw it and thought it was pretty neat.|12
  10. Todd n Natalie

    Electric Hummer pick up truck teaser pic

    Interesting. I'm curious to see more and see how it stacks up against, the Tesla, Rivian etc... I think the real competition for this truck though will be the upcoming electric F-150...
  11. Todd n Natalie

    Long Way up Series So, this had me looking up the first two trips again: Long way round and Long way down. I read the books a while back but never saw the series. It looks like...
  12. Todd n Natalie

    SEMA Ram Rebel OTG

    I wonder if this is a thinly disguised version of the Rebel TRX or some kind of upcoming edition? Kinda like how the AEV Colorado was previewed at SEMA? Link...
  13. Todd n Natalie

    Updated 2021 Colorado images released

    Wow. They sure hit that thing with an ugly stick...Looks like they forgot to put a bumper on it. Link to article below pic
  14. Todd n Natalie

    2020 Ram 1500 eco diesel

    It will be interesting to see a comparison between the GM, Ford and Ram 1500 diesels.
  15. Todd n Natalie

    2021 Ford F150 spy shots

    Starting to see spy shots showing there may be styling changes soon:|16
  16. Todd n Natalie

    Ram Rebel TRX

    A normal Rebel is too pricey for me so I'm sure this will be too. But it's fun to window shop!
  17. Todd n Natalie

    Interesting midsize truck comparison / test

    For those interested... I was surprised at the results. It will be interesting to see what happens when the Gladiator gets thrown into the mix...
  18. Todd n Natalie

    Ram coming out with split tailgate?

    Interesting. I actually like this design better than GM's multi pro tailgate. I'm thinking it could work well for a fold down camp kitchen table?
  19. Todd n Natalie

    Ford Transit Westfalia

    These look like pretty neat vans. Looks like they can be purchased right through a dealer ready to go... To bad none of the selling dealers will be in North America. If only Ford sold these here and VW would bring over the California...
  20. Todd n Natalie

    Super Duty Power Wagon competitor

    Doesn't sound like anything is confirmed yet. But could be interesting.