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  1. Rumpig

    Kinka Beach and 1770 - Australia

    We have just done a holiday without the camper trailer for the first time since....well both myself and the misses can't actually remember when the last time was that we did a non camping holiday. Seriously, we actually can't remember the last holiday we did that didn't involve going camping, it...
  2. Rumpig

    79 series dual cab build

    As some of you may have read already, i picked up a brand new 79 series GXl dual cab Landcruiser about a week ago and was asked if i was going to do a build up thread for here it is This is going to be a slow ongoing build, as the vehicle cost a bomb to buy and there's only so much i...
  3. Rumpig

    Brisbane to Tasmania and back Australian 7 week adventure

    This is a trip report i'm in the middle of writing at the moment.... it's a 7 week trip that i / we took, starting mid December 2014 and finishing at the end of January 2015. Normally i hook in and get these trip reports written pretty quickly, but i've lacked motivation to do this particular...
  4. Rumpig

    Something a touch different for you

    Knowing how much some of lot love your Landcruisers, i thought i'd post a pic up of a vehicle i saw in Birdsville when i was there last year. I stopped and chatted to the owner of this first vehicle for a short while and asked him if he minded me taking a few pics of it, i have a mate who is...
  5. Rumpig

    Moreton Island Glamping Weekend

    This is a trip we did just last weekend with our 4wd club, you likely won't know the people i'm referring to but that's ok just ignore those've copied it from our clubs website, so i don't have to rewrite it again. DAY 1 Friday morning dawned and we were up early to be sure and...
  6. Rumpig

    Cania Gorge 2014

    This trip was done over the 2014 Easter / ANZAC long weekends. Along for the trip are our family, the wifes sister and partner, the mother inlaw, the wifes cousin and partner, and a heap of members from our 4wd club. Some people such as the wifes family and some club members are only along for...
  7. Rumpig

    Tuff Truck 2014

    For anyone can watch it live this weekend on here it's the first year they've live streamed the event, so will be interesting to see how well they make it work
  8. Rumpig

    Kalbar ( SEQ Australia)

    On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday just gone i went out to Kalbar for the weekend, which is a small country town only about an hour South - West of my home in Brisbane. The main aim of this weekend is a planning trip for our 4wd club, as we will be hosting the states 4wd Corobborree at this...
  9. Rumpig

    Australia Day weekend 2014 in pics

    Last weekend was a long weekend for us folk here in Australia for the celebration of our National Day (26TH OF January), we did what many others did and went camping for the 3 days. Plan A was to head away with our 4wd club to a dam on the Friday afternoon after work finished, but we ditched...
  10. Rumpig

    Brisbane to Darwin and back again

    Ok... this is going to be the last of my old trip reports i post up here, so any reports i do from here on in will be new trip reports only. I hope you enoy reading this one, the last report i posted only got the one reply, so not sure if people liked it or This trip was undertaken in...
  11. Rumpig

    Brisbane to Waterfall Way and back

    As i wrote in another thread i posted up late last year, i'm going to post up some of my old trip reports on this forum that i've previously posted up on local forums here in Australia. So here's one we did about a year ago some of you hopefully may enjoy reading. The first part of the report...
  12. Rumpig

    Motley Desert Adventure

    Last week i posted up a trip report in this section of the forum from our latest big trip away, at the time i mentioned i'd post up a few older trip reports i have completed over the years aswell, and this is one of them. The trip was done in the middle of the year 2010, it seems strange writing...
  13. Rumpig

    Brisbane to Birdsville and back again

    The following is a copy of a trip report i completed earlier this year, of a 2 week family holiday from our home on the Eastern coast of Australia (Brisbane) to Central Australia (Birdsville) and back home again. Things didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped for, and we didn't get to visit some...