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  1. go4aryd

    +++ForSale: DJI Mavic Pro with a LOT of extras!

    What condition are batteries? (PS-pretty sure forum rules require an asking price).
  2. go4aryd

    Roof Top Tent Advice

    If Search or Google are not specific enough, then I would suggest hunting through Overland Journal, like this snippet, Good luck on your adventure
  3. go4aryd

    BRAND NEW: Rhino Rack #33300 Batwing Compact

    Love my batwing compact - perfect size for my rig. Good luck with sale.
  4. go4aryd

    FS Yeti 400 Power Units-SOLD OUT

    As did mine.
  5. go4aryd

    FS Yeti 400 Power Units-SOLD OUT

    Thanks, Steve. Now working perfect.
  6. go4aryd

    Tagalong Tent for Sale

    Can’t you pitch the tag-along by itself as well as? Looks like it would make a nice piece of gear for any area not too rocky to pitch and stake.
  7. go4aryd

    M416 for Sale

    Guessing from the photos, is this a 4x8’ M416?
  8. go4aryd

    FS: 2010 AT Horizon w/ Eezi Awn 1800 RTT

    Nice. I loved the Horizon. New owner should be very excited.
  9. go4aryd

    Rear Storage/Kitchen Box for Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Willing to drive, but Ohio is a day too far for me.
  10. go4aryd

    Airtop Black Storm for sale.

    Pm-ed as well, although I am a bit disappointed in all the new members this year who never seem to return to the forum after they post.... :/
  11. go4aryd

    2015 Toyota Tacoma low miles

    So no rear-diff locker. Ok. Thx.
  12. go4aryd

    2015 Toyota Tacoma low miles

    I see ATRAC. Does this also have a rear locker? I am not that familiar with the off-road package inclusions.
  13. go4aryd

    Best (Or Most Dependable) All-Terrain Tire?

    I love BFG AT KOs as well. Practically bomb proof. They are not a great mud tire, and for me they are too hard for really icy conditions. Great in the snow if not icy. I had to trade them out for Duratracs after nearly sliding off an icy road to the ski hill. The Duratracs are also a good...
  14. go4aryd

    Open Floor Plan Ursa Minor J30 Build - 2015 JKU

    John at URSA tells me they won’t be doing any custom openings for the JL for at least this summer. I believe it is a combo of the new J30-JL design they are working on and all the preorders for it already received. Once my JLUR order arrives, like some of you, I’ll be looking at “opening”...
  15. go4aryd

    SOLD - 2016 BMW Motorrad R1200GS Adventure

    2016 BMW R1200 GS Adventure (GSA) Ocean Blue Metallic Less than 3,800 Miles, always garaged, still original TKC 80 tires. Just got the big bike ready for long distance and tested on two long weekends. Bike is in like-new condition except for normal tire wear and very light scratches from...
  16. go4aryd

    2016 BMW 1200 GS Adventure

    Location is always good as well.
  17. go4aryd

    African Outback TechniTop RTT.

    If you use a trailer, you can either cut the lower ladder section to size ( and never reach a roof again), or you can replace the lower section with something like this. If anyone wants it, PM me. I no longer have a tent that uses it.
  18. go4aryd

    Horizon Trailer parts

    Last Chance bump before Spring Break!
  19. go4aryd

    African Outback TechniTop RTT.

    Typical Dimensions: Length box (closed) - 43 inches Length box (open) - 86 inches Width - 51 inches Height of box - 11 inches Weight (no ladders) - 114 lbs