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  1. FireAce

    JDM Toyota Dyna 4x4 Build Thread

    Well being as there’s no thread for show us your weird JDM Toyota, figured I’d post up here. The details on the truck: The picture above is from the day I picked up the truck. I imported the truck from Japan just over a year ago, it’s a retired fire truck. Came with lights, sirens and all...
  2. FireAce

    Camper Build for JDM 4x4 Toyota Dyna Truck

    I have been reading the forum for a while now and following other’s builds but figured it’s time to start a thread for my own camper build being as I got a basic start in the fall. Also looking for input as I go from other forum members as this is my first camper build or overland vehicle of any...
  3. FireAce

    Glue furring strips to aluminum canopy?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an adhesive that would hold strong enough to attach wood furring strips to the interior of an aluminum canopy body? (Approx 1/8" thick aluminum sheeting makes up the body) I have an old aluminum slide in utility body that I'm in the early stages of...