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  1. trailscape

    Sold: Baja Designs 40” S8 Light Bar $600 - Denver

    Light is now sold. Thank you! Would love for someone local to pick this up, but I’m willing to ship on your dime. Let’s say another $40 and I’ll bundle it up good in a hammock box with insurance. Decided I really wanted amber and white lighting and this also seemed a bit too nice for my humble...
  2. trailscape

    Blue Sea Deckhand Dimmers 24v $50/Denver

    Two available at $50 each shipped/US. Make an offer. Blue Sea #7504 24v6amp Blue Sea #7509 24volt 12amp
  3. trailscape

    Sold: Blue Sea OLED DC Voltmeters and Below Deck Panel $60

    These have been sitting around and I don't think I'll be using them. I was going to use this setup to monitor my batteries. I took one meter out to test, hence the missing decal in the image below. Nice displays that light up with an initial "Blue Sea" logo. Sold. Thank you! $60 shipped will...
  4. trailscape

    Sold: Rigid D-Series Pro High/Low Amber Diffused

    Lights are sold. Thank you. I decided not to use these lights and I'll make someone a deal on them. I only opened the box and briefly bench tested them. Includes two lights, hardware and wiring harness, original packaging. Located in the Denver area if you'd like to pick up. Say $180 shipped...
  5. trailscape

    WTS: Dome/Scene lights (Denver)

    Some extra lighting that I won't be using. Unused, just tested. Hella Marine Red/White EuroLED Touch Lamp (959-950-111) Really a nice light. I was doing a retrofit of the dome light...
  6. trailscape

    SOLD: 05-06 Tundra/Sequoia JBA Headers - Denver

    SOLD: JBA Headers for the 2005 & 2006 Toyota Tundra with the 4.7 V8 Engine (w/VVTI only). These will not work with earlier Tundras. It looks like should also fit the 05-07 Sequoia. New price: $320 shipped to the lower 48. See these links for more specific information from JBA...
  7. trailscape

    Extra gear sale

    I'm going through a bunch of stuff and need to try and thin the equipment down. Rather than post individual items I'll keep this thread updated. Scroll down as I'm adding more in the next post SOLD: Yaesu FT-2900R Ham Radio.. Reduced $100 shipped I got ahead of myself with this radio and as...
  8. trailscape

    SOLD: Snow Peak Tripod Stand - Denver

    Sold... Thank you! I haven't used this as much as I thought I would and I'm trying to slim my gear down some. Used once, or twice. Retails for $159. It's a very well built tripod with an adjustable grilling surface. $100 for...
  9. trailscape

    Muth Signal Mirror 00-06 Tundra AC $35 Denver

    SOLD: Muth Signal Mirror 00-06 Tundra AC $35 Denver This is sold. Thank you! Got this on ebay a while back. It was suppose to be a pair but I received a left hand signal mirror and right hand oem mirror. This was before I realized I had heated mirrors, so I couldn't really use it anyway. So...
  10. trailscape

    SOLD: Superwinch Tigershark TS9500 (Repair) Denver, $150

    Winch sold. Thanks. I don't think I'll be installing a winch again for a while so it's time for this to go. Here's the deal, the truck it was on was involved in a front end wreck and the winch hasn't been tested since. It looks like it avoided any real damage, but I'm no expert and again it...
  11. trailscape

    ARB/OME 90000 Struts $200/Denver (SOLD)

    SOLD Never used them. Sealed hardware packages included. Kind of a mistaken order on my behalf some time ago, but I ended up ordering an assembled coilover from Toytec. Looks like they fit: 4Runner 2003 - 2009, FJ Cruiser 2007 - 2009, Tacoma 2005 + 4x4 and PreRunner. SOLD: Priced drop: $200...
  12. trailscape

    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    I never did a build thread for my 02 Tundra as going into it I didn't think I would get all that crazy with it... With my 06 I have slightly different ideas and plans in mind, but I think I should do a build thread this time around. Besides, these 1st gen Tundras need more exposure...
  13. trailscape

    FS: SMEV 2 burner, Suburban cooktop, Curt cargo rack

    SOLD: SMEV 2 burner, Suburban cooktop, Curt cargo rack Location: Denver, Colorado area. Spring cleaning time and I need some stuff gone. I will try and get some detailed photos soon. Local pickup get first dibs on these items, but I will consider shipping if no one bites. SOLD: Curt 18115...
  14. trailscape

    Crazy ideas that just might work.. Shower in a can!

    Well, an ammo can! I didn't like making holes in a perfectly good ammo can, but I felt I needed to attempt this idea. Everything went together rather well I think. There's an RV pump in there with a toggle switch. Two lines, one for the water source which just has some pex tubing and a cut-off...
  15. trailscape

    Utensil set/roll?

    I was eyeballing a utensil set today and then spotted a very similar one on Amazon. Can anyone tell me if the cheaper is just a bad copy or if it's the same version? It's hard to see much of a difference. Anyone have experience with either of these? Hoping there's a durable storage bag in there...
  16. trailscape

    Goal Zero Light-A-Life storage

    I didn't spot a relevant thread for this item, so here we go. I really like these lamps, but haven't found a solid means of transporting and securing them. Ideally, this should cost less than the item itself or around $10-15. I'd like to see what creative ideas have been used for these...
  17. trailscape

    1984 Chevy Van G30 4x4 Poptop $6800

    This would be a fun project..
  18. trailscape

    Trailscape's Trailer Build

    I guess it's time to update this thread. This has been kind of an ongoing project since purchase in 2013. The build itself never had a plan or goal in mind, but was to be more of a "learn as I go". I wasn't sure I actually wanted a trailer, so purchasing a more expensive and fancy overland style...