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  1. NLPRacing

    New Ford Transit and Transit Connect Debut

    Link - Article at Link - 2014 Transit info at These should be on sale here about a year from now. How long until Chris develops a UJOINT kit converting a diesel Transit to 4WD? :wings:
  2. NLPRacing

    Ultimate Expedition 4wd Camper Van & Tow Rig

    My wife and I have decided to put our motorhome up for sale and purchase a travel trailer. I want to build the ultimate E-Series van to tow the travel trailer and to use it an “Expedition” camper as well as something to “tailgate” with at NASCAR races & NFL games. What...
  3. NLPRacing

    Info on Ford's new Transit Ford has announced that the NA version of the upcoming Transit will have the Ecoboost V6 as an option. There's also a pretty strong rumor that it will have a 3.2 I5 diesel option as well.
  4. NLPRacing

    Thinking about converting a Ford E350 Box Van to 4x4

    I've been lurking around this board for awhile and after much searching, I figured it was time to post my question. I want to take a box van similar to the one pictured below and convert it into what I would call a "Toad Hauler". I want to use it as a toy hauler when it's being "Toad" behind my...