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  1. cpabbey

    T-100 head gasket

    I have the opportunity to pick up a T-100, but it needs a head gasket. I’ve owned one before and foolishly solid it. Should I run away from it or make a project of it? Thanks
  2. cpabbey

    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    I spent almost 4 hours this weekend unsuccessfully searching for a photo of my 1976 Suburban. A bit of a rough ride but it never got stuck.
  3. cpabbey

    Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?

    Yes, I read all 17 pages.....and thanks forall those interesting opinions. Here’s mine- I own both Fords and Toyotas and they’re both good, but different. I like driving my 96’ LC and I love my 19’ F-150. I think there are just as many domestic trucks used for “overlanding” as there are...
  4. cpabbey

    East African chicken

    5 or 6 years ago there was a recipe posted in the Overland Journal magazine. I made it a number of times and it was great. I lost the magazine and was wondering if anyone had the recipe. Thanks
  5. cpabbey

    She’ll recommendation -2019 F150

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll post photos once the shell is installed
  6. cpabbey

    She’ll recommendation -2019 F150

    The last shell I bought was in 1985 and it served as a platform to carry a John boat and a place to camp in when needed. I just bought a new Ford with the 6’5” bed and I’d like to add a cap that can carry 2 or 3 kayaks. I’m looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  7. cpabbey

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to this question. I ended up with the F150, 3.5 TwinTurbo with the 6.5’ bed. New wheels and tires are next.
  8. cpabbey

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    Well, it's embarrassing to say but after driving all of them, even a F250, I was unable to make a decision. I was impressed with the F150 in the 3.5 motor however I'm not sure about those TwinTurbo's. We walked away without buying Anything I thought my wife was going to scream as I think I...
  9. cpabbey

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    I’ve read all the threads on this most controversial question and I’ve got to make a decision. My current ride, a 2003 F150 with 216,000 miles, needs to be replaced or face substantial repairs. I’m better with a hammer than a wrench and I’m afraid the ROI for the repairs isn’t a good idea...
  10. cpabbey

    Is there a bad year for the 4 runner

    Thanks for all the info. The goal of the project is light over landing with trips lasting no more than a few days. Mostly solo travel, relatively easy off road with the occasional “I wonder what’s down that trail” mixed in. I made an offer on a 2007, however the owner hasn’t agreed to the...
  11. cpabbey

    Is there a bad year for the 4 runner

    I’m looking for a project truck and was wondering if there was a year to avoid for 4 runners. I have a 2015, but that’s the wife’s commuter and not going to be something I take off road. Thanks.
  12. cpabbey

    15' Silverado build

    Great photos and excellent info. I'm way behind you as I can't make up my mind on what truck I need for overlanding. I'm certainly interested in the Chevy.
  13. cpabbey

    Show your Thumper!!

    A leftover 2015 followed me home.
  14. cpabbey

    Trek 920

    The rack was a no name brand from a discount store. A true $99 lapse in judgement.
  15. cpabbey

    Trek 920

    Just purchased the new Trek 920. This bike is fantastic, but there's a story with this specific bike. I bought the bike at a LBS and was taking home when it fell off the bike rack. I watched in horror as it bounced off the road while doing 55mph. Luckily the bouncing bike didn't hit a car or...
  16. cpabbey

    Looking at Suzuki V-Strom 650

    I'm curious to know as well. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary with a DRZ400 and I'm thinking about getting something a bit more road worthy.
  17. cpabbey

    80 series LC vs Suburban

    I picked up the LC as a result of doing much research on the off road abilties, however the reality turns out I need more room and not a solid front axel. The off road/adventure stuff is all new to me, and I'm still trying to figure out where I fit in. Carrying people, stuff and dogs turns out...
  18. cpabbey

    80 series LC vs Suburban

    I've got a totally stock 1996 LC with 135000 on the clock. It needs some repairs, but overall in good shape. I;ve thoughtt about selling it and getting a Suburan 4X4 as I don't do any thing past dirt roads. It's a tough decision and I'm not sure what to do. I've never owned a Suburban
  19. cpabbey

    Boise to Baja in a 60 Series Land Cruiser

    Inspiring RR. Just got my 80 series moved from Houston up to Boise.
  20. cpabbey

    FJ vs Tacoma

    Thanks for the all the advice, especially those that suggest I buy one of each. That's probably not going to happen though. I'll post a picture when the purchase is made. Thank again.