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  1. Ozrockrat

    4WD factory built school bus Kalispel. Cat 2016, Allison 2000, 32’ with Diesel heater.

    A must for anyone wanting to do the YouTube/Instagram thing. Imagine combining Schoolie, Overlanding and Vanlife. [emoji1] But seriously to find the 4WD parts under this price would be near impossible...
  2. Ozrockrat

    MBE926 question on oil pans

    I am in the midst of converting my Freightliner with the OM926 into 4WD. But the position and depth of the oil pan is going to cause issues. My pan is obviously designed to allow clearance for the drop axle and it has a large belly at the front of the engine. The edge of this belly is will...
  3. Ozrockrat

    PEX Sharkbite push on fittings or crimp

    My base hot and cold water system is only going to need a dozen or less connections. And I have the PEX plus crimpers and horsetail type fittings. But where I have to make some of the joins I will need to do some pole dancer type gyrations to get a good angle on them. So what is the collective...
  4. Ozrockrat

    Rubber boot installation? What to glue it together with.

    I replaced the rubber accordion boot between the cab and the box last week. Fitting it was fairly easy but I haven't yet actually glued the overlap together yet. Looking to the forum for some collective wisdom on what product would be most suitable. And just for information the best place I...
  5. Ozrockrat

    Nature’s Head dealer

    Anyone on the forum a dealer? The decision has been made to buy one but I would rather support one of our own than if possible.
  6. Ozrockrat

    Coleman rooftop AC units Phoenix AZ

    I have 2 Coleman RV air-conditioners for sale. 1 is still installed and running well. Can be tested before you buy it. The other is missing the inside controls and has a broken fan. It runs but shakes a lot. 2 covers 1 is in very good condition but the other one is weathered. Price is for both...
  7. Ozrockrat

    Carry a sidecar on a rack behind the truck? Yes it is possible.

    Just in case anyone is contemplating carrying a sidecar behind their expo truck! Here are a couple of photos of my rig on a rack behind my (just sold) truck. If anyone wants more details just send me a PM. I have only done one trip with this combination which was 99% paved roads but it handled...
  8. Ozrockrat

    Hammock inside an ambulance?? Can anyone school a complete hammock noobie

    First of all a confession. Apart from a couple of disastrous drunken escapades I have absolutely no experience with hammocks. Inside our converted ambulances we always install a nice comfortable sleeper sofa. This work great for the 2 of us. But now I am in the middle of converting another one...
  9. Ozrockrat

    Ambulance recovery. Bought without any details and then road trip across the country.

    This is just to provide some background on purchasing vehicles sight unseen on the other side of the country and how I go about getting them. I live in Phoenix and it seems like all the medium duty ambulances are on the east coast. So for the 3rd time I find myself buying a truck 2000 + miles...
  10. Ozrockrat

    Mini split AC. Can the condenser be run on its side?

    I am looking to install a couple of mini split systems in the new truck. But real estate being as valuable as it is I would like to lay the condensers at an angle on the cab roof. I will be ruggedizing the components to minimize vibration based problems it's more the gas flow issues I am...
  11. Ozrockrat

    Bushranger XJack used once. In San Diego JUne 8th to the 12th or 13th.

    Only used once in sand. Worked well but it is never going to work for my new truck. $175 pickup in Phoenix or I will deliver to Expo but only if paid in full first.
  12. Ozrockrat

    Torque multiplier Power-Dyne 600 ft lbs

    Ex military torque multiplier 3/4 drive output using a 3/8 drive input. Seriously heavy duty. It has a built in torque gauge but I am not sure how accurate it is. $120 and pickup in Phoenix or delivery to Expo only if paid for in advance.
  13. Ozrockrat

    Military decontamination units. scepter style cans with mounting and fittings etc.

    I figured these would be great for a portable shower but since we are going to have a built in shower in our Freightliner they may as well go to someone who will use them. Looks like they will hold about 3 gallons and have an area for tool/pump and hose storage. Not sure if all the original...
  14. Ozrockrat

    1999 Freightliner FL60 Camper Phoenix AZ

    Sold sold sold sold 1999 Freightliner FL60 Camper/Expedition/Overland vehicle. ready to travel (i.e. bedding, cooking gear etc) Built for extended travel across all types of roads on all continents. From the beaches of Baja to the wonders of the USA we have enjoyed this camper and it has...
  15. Ozrockrat

    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    Some of you will of seen my other thread with a conversion of the extra cab FL60 (Old Yella). Rather than get bogged down in that thread I have decided to start a new thread for our latest project...
  16. Ozrockrat

    4x4 and 6x6 Trucks at auction in Florida. Lots of them.

    Checking for 4x4 trucks and I found an auction in Florida with a stack of 4x4 and 6x6 bucket trucks for sale. Figured someone may be interested.
  17. Ozrockrat

    Freightliner 6x6 dual cab 2003 (no DEF) for sale on ebay only 15,000 miles

    This would be a great base for a big camper. (usual disclaimers. I have never seen this rig, don't know the seller so do all your own diligence) Ebay Link ONLY 15K ORIGINAL MILES / LIKE NEW EVERYTHING!! VERY HIGH DOLLAR TRUCK - WAS $133K NEW 7.2L CAT DIESEL / PUSH BUTTON AUTOMATIC AIR RIDE...
  18. Ozrockrat

    On Spot chain setup for E350/E450 at auction now. Need to be quick but they are $40 and include a compressor and tank.
  19. Ozrockrat

    Ambulance medium duty. The airconditioner secret. How does it work?????????

    Anybody know the secret between the front and back AC setting to actually get them to work. OK I have not had any AC in my truck for 3 years. Not really a problem until the summer in Phoenix but I am usually OK with 2-60 AC in the most part (2 windows down and 60 MPH). But I am getting old and...
  20. Ozrockrat

    2 DR650's setup for overland travel. Jesse bags, safari tank, sargent seat Phoenix AZ

    SOLD. Suitable to fly in and ride to where ever your heart desires. The history These 2 bikes were bought new in Alaska and promptly kitted out for overland travel. The original owners (a husband-wife team) rode them from Alaska down through to Mexico before deciding to consolidate onto a...