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  1. Wilyone

    **SOLD**...Overland built 07 Tundra

    Thanks man I am sad to see it go, and the previous owner had the Hannibal awning already installed and it didn't come with any sidewalls but It is very robust compared to a lot of awnings out there
  2. Wilyone

    **SOLD**...Overland built 07 Tundra

    Thanks. The box of receipts is still at my ex-wife's but I believe it was around $3200, they did go extra heavy on the bed rails, I do know that Line-x has done a lot more vehicles since this one was done and the price is a lower now. In addition they have a thinner product called body armor...
  3. Wilyone

    **SOLD**...Overland built 07 Tundra

    Price drop bump $20K
  4. Wilyone

    **SOLD**...Overland built 07 Tundra

    Sorry, Snowmass Village (next to Aspen) Colorado, thanks for catching that, I amended my post
  5. Wilyone

    **SOLD**...Overland built 07 Tundra

    SOLD Divorce forces sale, so letting go of our Toyota Tundra Limited double cab 4x4, built for overlanding/camping/hunting. Have every receipt since new. Clean title in hand. Linex monster turns heads wherever it goes. Includes Roof-top tent. 191k miles. More photos on request. Now $20K...
  6. Wilyone

    New to the forum, here's our 2001 XJ

    Nice looking XJ, just got one myself a few months ago. I might have to pick your brain, welcome to the forum.
  7. Wilyone

    1984 Ford E-350 4x4 Cummins Diesel / mechanic box - Vancouver, BC

    That's one of the cooler rigs I've seen in awhile. I do wonder how that full-time awd does on pavement.
  8. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    Finally cleaned up the front bumper and got a front plate...Colorado still requires one. Heading up to Oregon, and then to Olympic peninsula in two weeks :)
  9. Wilyone

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Supercharged TRD DCSB

    Hey there, given its prior accident, does this have a salvage or rebuilt title?
  10. Wilyone

    My 2014 Tundra Double Cab TRD 4x4 Camping Rig Build Write up and Pics!

    Good looking build so far. How are you liking the decked drawers? I have a Tiregate pre-runner set up and with the 35" spare I'm afraid it would close with the Decked system.
  11. Wilyone

    Why no SAS on "expo" type trucks???

    This! We need to get somebody developing some sort of boot guard, think they would sell a ton of them.
  12. Wilyone

    QuadsBC's 05 Double Cab Tundra Family Expo Build

    That'll throw some light for sure. I have that same amber/spot/flood combo on my Tundra. Interested to see how you get it all mounted up. And on another note, how are you liking those BFG KO2's? I've got them on my truck and I've been impressed with their performance in the snow so far this...
  13. Wilyone

    Toyota Tundra Crewmax w/ 6.5' bed

    Really clean build, limited slip is on my x-mas list for my Tundra.
  14. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    Going to the Sun road on our way to the Many Glaciers section of the park. Very cool road, heard rumors they are looking at shutting it down to the public and only running shuttles within 2 years or so, not sure if that's really going to happen but I would hit it sooner than later, simply...
  15. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    Got back from Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier for a couple weeks. Was cool and rainy in Yellowstone, and hot and dry in Glacier. Lost a piece of trim off the hood going through the aptly named Wind River Range on the way there. Truck did great mostly highway miles, but still a great trip...
  16. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    New BFG KO2's times 5, got great reviews and winter rated hope they hold up well...(and tie rods, lower ball joints and alignment...cough, cough) New deep better locking and waterproof bed box... Nice new cover/case for our 22" Partner stove from Blue Ridge Overland, thinking of having...
  17. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    Holding up well so far, its only been a little while but its not peeling up at all and its on an exposed portion even when rolled up so its seen a ton of rain over the past month and a half.
  18. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    Took a short shake down trip over Independence Pass to Twin Lakes. More snow than I expected on top, but down at tree line it was much better, a balmy 65 degrees and rain on and off. Nice to not have a fire-ban in place like the last several years, my 7 year old finally got to make some...
  19. Wilyone

    Black Bart, 07 Tundra

    Replaced the factory stereo with a Jensen touch screen head unit with SXM, Nav, DVD and back up cam. Nice to have bluetooth for my phone and ipad, its amazing how far technology has come in 7 years.