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  1. 77blazerchalet

    "Dusty field" Craigslist find Blazer Chalet #0580

    As opposed to a barn find. Just posted at California Inland Empire area, by a relative of the owner who's been emailing me about it over the last day or two on how to get it to an appreciative home. Contrast-altered photo here since the one...
  2. 77blazerchalet

    My former '77 Blazer Chalet on ebay

    Sent my rig packing back in 2010 due to the lack of money to continue restoring it, and it ended up languishing with a dealer/broker in Indianapolis for years. Another pair of guys bought it and the 12 others and have been selling 'em off one by one over the last half year. Don't know how I...
  3. 77blazerchalet

    The GMC Jimmy Casa Grande 15 min of fame at TruckTrend magazine The writer of that article contacted me back in March about a few details, he apologizes about the word "pristine" in the online version, saying that is something an editor might have added in. He says the print version was out...
  4. 77blazerchalet

    1974 Ford Econoline E-300 Quadravan 4x4 pop-top

    A bit rough...
  5. 77blazerchalet

    1969 Dodge A108 4x4 Weekender Camper Van

    Didn't know those had a 4x4 option - an aftermarket conversion? Plenty of sticks in the cab to stir the gears around with....
  6. 77blazerchalet

    Blazer Chalets for sale around the world - Ecuador, Venezuala & Iran

    These are found for sale around the world. First one is an ad I found yesterday, and I found the second one last year, but the ad link still works. I don't read Spanish, so I rely on Google Translate to read such things, but as near as I can tell, neither ad has a way to contact the sellers. The...
  7. 77blazerchalet

    '75 Toyota Chinook panel van version

    Not often seen, note the lack of side windows and the much wider rear door.
  8. 77blazerchalet

    Classic '57 4x4 NAPCO GMC bread van... camper or something

    Entertaining, might polish up okay with a bit of effort...
  9. 77blazerchalet

    1978 4x4 Datsun Chinook

    The original Craigslist ad for this one was deleted by the seller, meaning it might be sold, but for the sake of saving it for posterity, here is the reachoo reproduction of the ad with a decent-sized photo. Runs drives, sleeps 2 has a toilet, sink, fresh...
  10. 77blazerchalet

    '77 monochrome Blazer Chalet in Springfield MO Craigslist

    Talked to the seller a short time ago, it's serial #0896 built in 12/76. Been sitting in one place more or less for 15 years. He admits it was probably repainted despite his ad noting it came from the factory in this color...
  11. 77blazerchalet, a site that rounds up spiffy 4x4 vehicles from eBay & Craigslist

    In case anybody is not already aware of it, a nicely done web site here where an afficionado apparently goes looking for some of the nicer old 4x4s out there: Also, occasionally has old or classic 4x4s, although they tend to focus more...
  12. 77blazerchalet

    4x4 Chevy Astro Provan Tiger GT

    I figured somebody out there would have done a full-on 4x4 conversion. First one I've seen....
  13. 77blazerchalet

    FREE gutted Chalet shells, Texas & Iowa (as contrasted with $3500 shell in Illinois)

    FREE gutted Chalet shells, Texas & Iowa (as contrasted with $3500 shell in Illinois) One of the members of our Yahoo Chalet owners' forum just announced he's giving away his gutted Chalet shell-only, in Bastrop Texas. It's the unit seen in the 1st photo below, which apparently had a pair of...
  14. 77blazerchalet

    Blazer Chalet on eBay And at the moment, it can also be found at a Blue Ridge TN Craigslist ad, if that is any benefit: This one is serial #1304, built in 10/76. The rust on such old GM...
  15. 77blazerchalet

    '66 Bronco with odd camper - Craigslist ad

    No affiliation, just stumbled across it. Contact number of the seller, for when the ad link expires: Please call 303-913-5856
  16. 77blazerchalet

    Ouray & San Juans: Portland Mine, Rd Mtn/Guston, Maggie Gulch - get out and walk!

    Well, the ol' Chalet still sits idle in an RV lot, exercised occasionally but still the victim of underbudgeted intentions. So, I hired my SOA friends again for two tours, and otherwise walked instead. Here's three brief sets of walking tour pics. Click on each to enlarge. First, one trail to...
  17. 77blazerchalet

    As a favor for a neighbor, 1976 C-20 Chevy Van set up as a camper

    **11/4/10 update: Still available, to the best of my knowledge, I see it nearly every Saturday.** Not mine, but a neighbor of my parents at their Mesa Arizona retirement community. The seller does not use computers and otherwise has a limited ability to advertise it. Since it is on the old side...
  18. 77blazerchalet

    Porphyry Gulch to the Bullion King Lake, San Juan Mtns of Colorado July 2009

    Somebody with a yellow greasepencil wanted to tell us something here. There's four "very"s in the black border at the top.... As promised over in this other thread where I borrowed an internet photo - first, a two-photo panorama taken in 2006 from across the valley, when I was on the...
  19. 77blazerchalet

    Blazer Chalet on eBay

    When I re-titled my post #1 in the "Chalet on Craigslist" thread, I forgot that I can't alter the heading everybody sees in the main forum pages, so I might as well create a new one to pile all of the eBay listings into. In reference to the #0661 Chalet I mentioned here, time for round #2. Its...
  20. 77blazerchalet

    1961 IH Scout hotrod

    Not mine, no affiliation - entertaining vehicle, though. $4400, in a Phoenix area Craigslist ad, also duplicated text with lots o' pics in this Flickr page for when the Craigslist one expires. The fan shroud is made out of license plates?