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    Roaming Lost: Montero Gen2.5 Build

    Truck looks sick brother! Nice work!
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    My Gen 2.5 Journey, a build thread.

    Good write up on the gas tank tuck --> link
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    How to remove alarm --> link
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    Crankshaft pulley bolt

    It's a belleville washer, meaning should be replaced after each use.
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    Joined the club

    Congrats! Looks exactly like mine did when I bought it back in late 2012...still going strong 80k miles later! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.
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    Leveling Kit for Gen 2.5 Monteros?

    OME 910 is medium duty OME 938 is heavy duty I'm running the heavy duty springs and they have a 20mm/.75 in lift that can be matched in front by cranking torsion bars. Ride is stiff but not unbearable.
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    New (but not really) guy! Gen 2.5 Montero

    Looks great!
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    Gen 3 Timing Belt job + spark plugs check list (3.8L)

    This is my copy/paste response for Gen 2/2.5: "In your case, think of what you're doing as 2 separate jobs. 1--Front of the engine includes: timing belt, water pump, front cam seals, crank seal/bolt 2--Top of the engine includes: valve cover gaskets, spark plugs/wires, spark plug tube grommets...
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    Salvaging rusted wheel hub on 1996 Montero SR

    I had the same problem, had to use a slide hammer like this --> link
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    Recommended Indy Shops for Monteros in Los Angeles area?

    Hello Wonton, nice to see another monty guy in SM. Not a Mitsubishi specialist but George at Santa Monica Brake (911 Santa Monica Bl) runs a well respected local shop. I've also heard good things about C&A in Van Nuys if you want a dedicated Mitsubishi shop. Good luck!
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    DTC P0455

    Hope this helps anyone else having the same problem... My 2000 Gen 2.5 threw a check engine light for DTC P0455 indicating a gross leak in the Evaporative Emission System. It was fixed with a new gas cap: Stant #10834.
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    DTC P0420

    To finally put to rest the issue that sparked this thread almost 5 years ago...the DTC P0420 was in fact related, in my case, to a failed precat on the right side. Unable to find any OEM precats on the market, this past weekend I had it replaced with a Miller Cat part #74004 which I purchased on...
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    2007 Pajero shorty build thread

    Thanks Cruisn (y)
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    2007 Pajero shorty build thread

    Great work on the bumper/swingouts. I love it! if you don't mind, where did you source the brake light/turn indicators?
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    Show me your...Ham /cb radio installs
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    Ignition relay?

    I have the same problem with a Gen 2.5 which persisted even after the ignition switch and starter were replaced. I don't know if gen 3s are the same but Gen 2/2.5 have an proprietary Mitsubishi ignition relay in the right side footwell behind the dash speaker that will fail and click or buzz...
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    2000 Montero - Ship or Drive 2,000 miles

    Congrats on your purchase! The critical failure point on this vehicle is the crankbolt. Make sure yours is updated to the most recent version before you take it on any long drive. MITSUBISHI 1100A141 Crankshaft Bolt, 3rd Version (earlier versions are obsolete, prone to failure and should be...
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    Montero Gen 2.5 (NL) Capacities, Part Numbers and Specialty Tools List

    FYI, can no longer add to post as it exceeds 10,000 word limit on new forum