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  1. StumpXJ

    Genuine Scepter Fuel Can, with spout.

    I have a good condition Scepter Fuel Can that comes with a spout. Its in good shape and has only been used with gasoline a few times. its been stored inside my climate controlled shop. its a little dirty/grimey on the outside, but should clean up well. Comes with flexible spout as shown. rubber...
  2. StumpXJ

    Hella 4000 lights

    4 used good condition Hella Rallye 4000's. There are two pencil beam patterns, and two Euro beam patterns (flood). These are top of the line non HID lighting. The housings are all metal, and the lenses are real glass. They come with integrated adjustable mounts, and 4 good condition plastic...
  3. StumpXJ

    Four (4) Hella 4000's HID Converted.

    I am looking to sell my four Hella 4000 lights. They have been converted to HID, and have BRAND NEW HID kits to go in them. The new kits include new bulbs and new slim line ballasts. The kits are still in their boxes. They are in 5000k color (brightest/white) and are 35 watt systems. These...
  4. StumpXJ

    A big tool box, something every adventurer needs. Atlanta, GA

    Hey folks, I have a very nice Matco toolbox setup that I am wanting to get rid of. I have other plans for tool storage, and this will no longer be needed. NO TOOLS included with the box. You will be getting: One (1) Matco Pro Formance Series MB3611SCZ (Gary Scelzi edition) Top Box. One (1)...
  5. StumpXJ

    Subaru Forester Bumper Build for E.J.

    Building a plate style bumper for Josh (aka E.J.), figured I would post up the process/progress in this forum. Only got about two hours of work in today, but should have it finished by Thursday. Stay tuned! I am using 10ga steel for the majority of it, slightly thicker than 1/8". It not...
  6. StumpXJ

    (Cheap!) Full set (5) Interco TruXus 33 x12.50 r15 tires

    I upgraded to 35's, and need to get rid of these. They are still very much streetable, and are a good trail tire also. I will do my best to describe them as far as tread depth... I will use this picture for reference. Far left ~ 60% tread left 2nd from left ~ 55-60% tread left 3rd from left...
  7. StumpXJ

    Random: Anyody need a top of the line Victor Torch set?

    This is a great deal for someone needing a great quality torch rig that will last a lifetime. This outfit has been used VERY little, and many items have never been used. This started off as a top of the line Victor Journeyman torch kit part numer 0384-2009. Look here for the specs on this kit...
  8. StumpXJ

    Home Fab Guys?? Cutoff discs... CHEAP!***SOLD!!!***

    Hey guys, I need to clear out some overstock on 4 1/2" cutoff wheels. These are for angle grinders, and are the thin .040" thick wheels for cutting. They are Metabo brand wheels, and come in boxes of 100 wheels. The cheapest I could find these online was about 100 bucks per box (about 1 dollar...
  9. StumpXJ

    Trasharoo Question

    Wasnt sure where to put this! So, I just got my new Black Trasharoo! I am quite pleased with the quality, and look forward to using it, but have a couple questions for those of you who have had them for a while. I searched a bit, but either missed the thread discussing it, or there isnt one...
  10. StumpXJ

    Any market for this? JK Transfer Case

    I have a non Rubicon transfer case out of a 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler. This is the 241J case, NOT the 241OR. Anyone out there have a need for it? Whats it worth for sale? I know what I paid for it... but havent been able to find any for sale to give me an idea. In great shape, only had 17,000...
  11. StumpXJ

    **SOLD** Custom built offroad trailer, ready to camp! (Atlanta, Georgia)**SOLD**

    Ok folks, this trailer was a labor of love last year while I was unemployed. I have been considering selling it since we just had a little girl, and we are quickly running out of room with this set-up. We also have 2 large dogs who we need to accomodate at all of our camping trips, so we are...
  12. StumpXJ

    WANTED: (1) one, Cooper STT Tire. 31x10.50 R15

    Its a long shot, but I need a spare for my trailer. Looking for this specific tire. Cooper STT, size 31x10.50 R15. New or used, but has to be usable. 30% of tread or more. Will pick it up if local, or pay for shipping (US Postal Service will ship it pretty cheap, all day long) Thanks, Stump
  13. StumpXJ

    ARB Bumper for an XJ, $400 bucks.

    I am cross posting this for a friend. He has a good deal on a ARB bumper. Located in Birmingham, Alabama - $400 bucks. I can vouch for this person, and would be happy to assist if possible. Here is the link! ~ Stump I think the pics will...
  14. StumpXJ

    Warn 8274, Near Atlanta

    Not mine, just sharing. looks like a decent deal with a little TLC. ~James
  15. StumpXJ

    Wireless Winch Controller

    ***THIS IS UNIVERSAL, will work on any electric winch***Milemarker Wireless Winch Controller. Works great, and easy to hook up. Just 4 wires. Comes with 1 remote. I changed winches/controllers, so I dont need it anymore. Wireless winch control is freeking awesome... worth every penny, especially...
  16. StumpXJ

    Trailer Project in Georgia anyone? Dont know how big it is, but hard to beat the price! Not mine... just sharing. FREE UTILITY BED STILL ON TRUCK. IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE IT OFF OF THE TRUCK ITS YOURS. MUST REMOVE WITHOUT CUTTING WIRES OR DAMAGING TRUCK. PLEASE CALL RICH...
  17. StumpXJ

    My Craigslist Score....

    I finally got lucky and hit a pretty good Craigslist score. I ocassionally chekc craigslist for fridges, mostly with little to no luck. Yesterday, I finally got lucky. I saw an ad for a "norcold dual voltage fridge/freezer". That was the only description, and there were two crappy cell phone...
  18. StumpXJ

    Bulk propane distribution manifold thingy.

    I am in need of a bulk propane distribution manifold. I already have one of these: Normally, this would work well. It has for years. But now with my new trailer, the propane tank is already up to chest high, and the distribution tree hits the awning, and is slightly useless. What I am...
  19. StumpXJ

    Warn 8274, Atlanta area.

    Not mine, just figured i would throw it out there. Guys doesnt know what it is obviously. Decent deal, heck of a winch. I already have ~James
  20. StumpXJ

    Onboard Water Tank w/Elec. Pump Questions

    Ok, so I have my suspension mostly done on my trailer, and I decided today would be the "install water tank, pump, and plumbing day" since the trailer is standing up on its end and I can work on the bottom easily. I got it all installed, but I am curious on the plumbing aspect. I dont have any...