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    DTC P0455

    Hope this helps anyone else having the same problem... My 2000 Gen 2.5 threw a check engine light for DTC P0455 indicating a gross leak in the Evaporative Emission System. It was fixed with a new gas cap: Stant #10834.
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    Gen 1 Isuzu Trooper Brush Guard Must Go

    Just a heads up for the Trooper guys. Here is the ---> link
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    Gen 1 Isuzu Trooper Brush Guard for Sale

    I have a Gen 1 Trooper brush guard taking up room in my garage. Here it is as found in the junkyard. It's a Con-Ferr...made in Burbank, California. How about $50...if that's too high, make me an offer, I'll probably say yes. I'm in the Los Angeles area and would prefer it be picked up locally...
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    Montero Parts Have to Go!

    Just a head's up, I'm cleaning out the garage and have some Montero things up for grabs and for sale. Here's the ---> link
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    Mitsubishi Montero Parts for Sale

    Time to clean out the garage. I'd much prefer to sell this stuff locally in the Los Angeles area as I don't have much experience with shipping things, nor the time or want to do so. Prices are very negotiable. The goal is to clean the garage, not get rich. If you're at all interested in...
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    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Horn Repair or Bypass

    The Gen 2/2.5/3 horn button consists of a membrane switch in the steering wheel that commonly fails by getting stuck in the closed position. This ultimately leads to the horn being stuck on. When this happens the only way to turn the horn off is to pull the horn fuse in the fusebox or disconnect...
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    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Starter Replacement

    I replaced my starter and took some pics of the process in the event it might help someone else. For the record, clearances are very tight. This is not a job you'd want to do trailside. First, disconnect the Negative (ground) cable at the battery. The starter is visible from underneath the...
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    Post Your Favorite Montero/Pajero Videos

    Just watched a Pajero video on YouTube and thought others might enjoy it. Thought I'd start a thread so that others could post interesting videos as well. Here's the video:
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    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Transfer Case Shift Lever Replacement

    I'd never had any problems shifting into 4WD with my transfer case shift lever but after reading this post --->HERE<--- I thought I'd preventatively change the original Gen 2.5 "red ball" shift lever with a junkyard Gen 2 "white ball" shift lever. It's a good thing I decided to. Upon removing...
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    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Gas Gauge In-Tank Sender Replacement

    If your gas gauge doesn't function, this might be the culprit. Gas gauge sender, MB571603 Lift up the carpet in the rear cargo bay to access this panel. Removing this panel will allow you to access the top of the gas tank. The top of the sending unit is the triangular shaped part on the...
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    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 O2 Sensor Replacement

    Replacing the upstream O2 sensors. Part #s: DENSO 234-4738 O2 Sensor, Upstream Right DENSO 234-4742 O2 Sensor, Upstream Left These are the connectors. The black connector is the right side, and the grey one is the left side. Both O2 sensor male connectors are attached to the top rear...
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    DTC P0420

    My truck just threw a CEL yesterday with p0420. It's supposed to refer to a bad catalytic converter. Has anyone here dealt with this code before on a Montero with California emissions? Coincidentally, I just installed new upstream o2 sensors last week.
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    Mitsubishi Montero Door Lock Cylinder Removal and Rekey

    Before taking your lock cylinder apart watch this video here. The Montero lock cylinder is almost identical in design except for the number of pins (tumblers). Also, it's much more difficult on the Montero lock cylinder to remove the exterior metal cap (keyhole surround)...
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    Mitsubishi Montero Dash, Console, and Interior LED Bulb Replacement, Gen 2.5

    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Dash, Console, and Interior LED Bulb Replacement Just adding to the knowledge base and attempting to consolidate threads. Here's what I did to replace my interior lights with LEDs (I used red bulbs). -------------------------------------------------------- Purchase...
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    Aussie Locker?

    I've recently been thinking about an Aussie Locker (link) for the front end. At $300, they seem like a good deal. I have manual hubs so I can disengage the front axle for street driving, so not a problem there. The only downside would be driving in the snow/ice...which I don't do very often. In...
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    Fluid Changes After Water Crossing?

    Just wondering what the consensus is regarding the necessity of fluid changes after water crossings. I was stuck in a tire height deep water/mud hole for about 5-10 minutes earlier today and I'm wondering if I ought to change my front and rear diff fluids and repack my manual hubs. Would you...
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    Montero Gen 2.5 (NL) Capacities, Part Numbers and Specialty Tools List

    Montero Gen 2.5 (NL) Capacities, Part Numbers, and Specialty Tools List **If you've installed a part and can confirm that it fits the Gen 2.5, please post the brand, part #, and a description of the part so it can be added to the list** ----------------------------------------------------...
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    Gen 1 and Gen 2 Bouncy Seat Frames Available @ Junkyard, Sun Valley, CA

    Just a heads up, stopped by the junkyard today...2 93 SRs had driver/pass bouncy seats in them. One clean Gen 1 had a drivers bouncy in it. I left them there for lack of time. Someone go get 'em!! (I'm lookin' at you nwoods and socalmonty ; ) ). Sorry, no pics as phone was not cooperating...
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    Montero Alarm system removal, Gen 2.5

    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Alarm System Removal Just adding to the knowledge base. Here's how I removed the alarm system on my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero, Gen 2.5. It had a mind of it's own and I was afraid it would leave me stranded. FYI, this will also remove key-less entry functionality...
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    Isuzu Aisin Locking Hubs Available at Junkyard, Sun Valley, CA

    Just a heads up, I went to the junkyard this past Sunday (4-7-13) and noticed this Trooper... ...had Aisin locking hubs on it! Regrettably, I didn't remove them myself to give to one of you Isuzu guys (I have a Montero myself). I sure should have. Hope someone is able to get them, I'd hate...