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  1. bcrez

    WTB- Maggiolina Airtop Small.

    Looking to buy a Maggiolina Airtop Small in newish condition. I am in CT right now, but will pay for shipping. Send me a PM if you're looking to part with yours. Thanks. -Brad
  2. bcrez

    Airtop on Gen. 2 Tacoma Double Cab - Fitting questions.

    I have a 2010 tacoma with double cab. 60" bed. I have an ARE CX series without top rails. I would like to put a Maggiolina Airtop (carbon small) 51” x 83” x 13” on top of the truck cap. That would leave about 23" of hang over the cab. There is also a slight dip from the cab...
  3. bcrez

    2010 Tacoma TRD Off-Road... Thinnest tire I can run on stock wheels?

    Hey everyone, What is the thinnest tire I can run on the stock TRD off-road wheels? I run 265/75/R16 dura-tracs that need replacing. They are wide and my truck is light. This makes for poor performance on pretty much anything but sand. So, I want thinner tires but I dont want to replace the...
  4. bcrez

    23-year, 800,000 km road trip.

    The most recent update of Gunther Holtorf's epic road trip. A truly inspiring man.
  5. bcrez

    QRP- Low power max range-- Help

    Hey everyone. Im a new HAM. KB1WNZ. I got certified mainly for backcountry communication- between vehicles and as emergency gear. I have an iCom 2820H 2m/70cm transceiver. It's an amazing radio, but I havn't been able to reach out that far, even while using repeaters. 40-60 miles max so far...
  6. bcrez

    HAM Mobile: Rig Radios, vehicle mounting set ups, and relevant equipment

    Hey everyone, Honestly I searched for a thread on this topic: a collection of mobile radio set ups, and the equipment used in those set ups. If it already exists I would appreciate a forwarding address ;-) I just got my FCC license, and installed my radio. I am having trouble finding a...
  7. bcrez

    Dura-Trac Follow Up Report:

    When I bought my dura-tracs a year ago, they were only a couple of years old, and finding reliable primary source reviews from long term users was difficult. After driving on them over 30,000 miles this year I am looking for some info to compare my experience with other drivers. Let me start by...
  8. bcrez

    The Dakar Touring Compass

    Just found this compass. Its a mix between a traditional military lensatic compass (I know a lot of you guys carry the traditional lensatics) with a clear housing for easy mapping. Definitely not going to be as durable as the metal military ones, but sometimes you're the one that has to change...
  9. bcrez

    Looking for a truck camper.... am I missing something?

    I have a 2010 Tacoma double cab short bed and I'm looking for a truck camper. I currently live in the mountain states (I travel around from Colorado to Montana). My long trips are usually in south eastern to south western UT. I will be heading south to Tierra Del Fuego in the next couple of...
  10. bcrez

    WARN 9.5ti for sale

    WARN 9.5ti for sale $900 o.b.o in Denver, CO. Remote with LED, steel cable, battery lines, fairlead included. I am willing to ship, if you are willing to pay. Pick-ups welcome. Moving to MT in a week so get it while its hot. (2o3) 856-2o73
  11. bcrez

    Tacoma Owners in Denver (or surrounding area) Please Read!

    I am a couple of months away from replacing the suspension in my 2010 Tacoma. I am torn between Old Man Emu, and Icon. I know they are very different not only in performance, but also price. I cant possibly make an educated decision if I have never ridden on either. If anyone in Denver (or...
  12. bcrez

    Looking to buy a LR Series III -- what do you think.

    My buddy is going to check out this truck next week. He likes the Series III, but has some concerns about the condition of this one. I figured if there was one place where people know old Land Rovers its ExPo. Check out this listing if you have a second and post up your thoughts, concerns, etc...
  13. bcrez

    Mounting a Core Trax system... need mounting advice.

    I have a 2010 tacoma TRD off-road... it has the composite bed liner that comes stock. I recently bought a core trax load system and plan on mounting it directly into the bed. The core trax came with some sheet metal screws shown below. After inspecting below the bed, and finding nothing that...
  14. bcrez

    What Compass do you use.

    On my last trip, my compass broke while in my backpack. I had a Silva Ranger with a spotting mirror. I am in the market for a new one. Obviously durability is top on the priority list. I was curious as to what compass' some of you carry? I use UTM when I'm on foot and communication with others...
  15. bcrez

    MaxTrax-- two pair?

    Since I am waiting until I can afford new suspension to get a front winch bumper/ winch I have been reviewing alternative recovery solutions. One being MaxTrax. They seem very capable, but I always see them used on all four wheels. Since they come in a pair I was curious if two pair are...
  16. bcrez

    Build Order... Comments/ or Thread Links.

    Hey all, I'm sure this has been talked about, and I hesitate to ask... but I swear I have looked around for this topic and cant find it. If you know of a thread answering this question specifically, I would love a link. If not--> I bought a Gen. 2 Taco in September, I love it and so far have...
  17. bcrez

    NOAA National Mosiac.

    I'm sure a lot of you know about this, but for those of you who dont... If I someday get satellite internet, or Verizon starts filling in their dead zones, this would be an amazing tool for getting looping radar images on a national--> local level...
  18. bcrez

    Need suggestions for a load point on the roof???

    I have a 2010 Taco, a truck cap is going to be one of my last purchases, but in the mean time I need a way to mount a tarp over the bed, like an A-frame tent. I would like to put a load point on the roof right behind the satellite radio antenna/ right in front of the rear brake light, in order...
  19. bcrez

    Tacoma Clutch Start Cancel.

    I Googled the appropriate time and manner in which to use the 'Clutch Start Cancel' button and have come up with a bunch of answers. Some conflicting with each other, some conflicting with the manual (which doesnt explain much). The manual does however state, "Never use the switch for normal...
  20. bcrez

    MNU's Armored up Hilux 5

    This is the General Purpose Security Vehicle for the fictional security force MNU, the Multi-National United task force from the movie District 9. I found the one-piece rack/bumper system to be really cool, especially the two cargo platforms over the hood, with support cables to the rack. Anyway...