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    Upgrades (mild build) to my 2015 Power Wagon.

    So my PW has been mostly stock since I brought it home 5 years ago. When I first got it I had great idea's of going to Moab, Colorado, and all the other awesome places I see you folks enjoying. Then reality slapped me in the face with a sick parent, two house moves and a bunch of other life...
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    RTT rainfly storage

    Looking for some guidance here. I just received my new Smittybuilt RTT and unboxed it in the garage. It ship's with the rainfly installed and I'm wondering the general consensus is regarding rainfly storage? Do most leave it on at all times or do you have a solution for storage in vehicle when...
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    Five Goodyear Duratrac 285/70/R17 tires of of Power Wagon.

    I'm selling my 5 Goodyear Duratrac 285/70/17 load range E tires. Took them off my 2015 Power Wagon with 13,000 miles. The fifth tire was the spare with zero miles. No abnormal wear (tires were rotated once at 7,500 mile) no patches or plugs. Tire were not abused with no sidewall cuts or torn...
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    20" LED Light Bar, Rigid Vs. Baja Designs.

    I'm considering adding a 20" LED light bar to my Ram 2500. Rigid offers a custom bracket that will mount between my tow hooks that will accept a 20" bar. Baja Designs has a 20" bar and it appears they're wiring harness has the ability to run the LED either off a switch or automatically when the...
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    Ordered truck cap today. Now I need to figure out my sleeping arrangement.

    I ordered a new Leer 100XR truck cap today. Now I'm trying to decide what to do about sleeping in my truck during trips. I have a '6.5 bed and still use it for hauling duties so I don't know if building a platform is a good idea. Is an air mattress worth it? Any idea's? My trips will be 2-3...
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    Anyone running the new Nitto Exo Grappler

    I see Nitto has a new tire called the Exo Grappler. It has the mountain snowflake rating and is pinned for stud's. Looks as though it's aimed at the Goodyearr Duratrac. I love the Toyo AT 2's I have and would buy them again but if the Exo Grappler is going to be better in the snow I will...
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    Best HD Rear Bumper for a 2010 Ram 2500

    I was recently involved in a slow speed accident. While stopped in a parking lot I was rear ended. The person was probably going 5mph and due to my truck's height she basically went under my bumper. She suffered a fair amount of damage to her hood, bumper, and grill. My truck came out mostly...
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    Best Adjustable Track Bar for Late Model Ram 2500

    I've put 30,000 miles on my Carli Suspension over the last few years. Lately I've noticed a little slop in the front end and the truck wanders a bit. Today I tok advantage of some warm weather and rotated my tires. While I was at it I looked over the front suspension. Ball joints seem good and...
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    Will 285/70/17 tires fit on a stock 2003 Z71 Tahoe?

    I'm having new Toyo AT II's mounted on my Dodge 2500. The 285/70/17 Goodyear Silent Armors I'm taking off have about 2/3 tread left on them. I'm thinking of putting the Goodyear's on my wife's stock 2003 Z71 Chevy Tahoe if they will fit. Her rim's are the factory Z71 17" rims. Will they fit?
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    Toyo has released a new tire. The Open Country A/T II.

    Looks like Toyo has a new all terrain on the market. I like the more aggressive sidewall design over the previous Toyo A/T.
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    Carli Starter Kit install on 2010 Ram 2500

    I insalled the front axle componet's of my Carli Starter Suspension today. I will do the rear axle tomorrow. I aslo purchased a Carli adjustable track bar and Carli/Bilstein steering stabilizer. Heres the truck stock except for 285/70R17 Silent Armors.