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    Which 600-horsepower station wagon would make the best expedition vehicle?

    There's only a few on the market. The Mercedes AMG E63S has had a lock on that particular niche spot in the marketplace for some time. But now Audi is FINALLY bringing the RS6 Avant to the U.S.. They're both AWD, and they're both powered by twin-turbo V8 engines. Are there any other contenders?
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    New cannon:

    Got it for about $500 off list price, though Springfield Armory's IOP (Individual Officer Program).
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    Will Prouse videos?

    The kid speaks on a level that I understand. Any comments about the information that he's putting out?
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    Series or parallel...

    In looking at lithium batteries, I'm running into some challenges- a lot of the manufacturers recommend not putting them in series, and yet I'm also learning that it's not a good idea to parallel more than two batteries. So if I want 400Ah at 12 volts, I need to buy a pair of 200Ah batteries...
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    Where can I buy Panasonic HIT N250 Slim solar panels here in the U.S.?

    The HIT panels are supposed to be more efficient and run cooler- I learned that here. ;) The N250 panel dimensions would allow us to put 2,000 watts (8 of them) on the roof, and still leave room for a skylight roof vent fan thing. But I can't find them here in the U.S....
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    Moving the "electronic warfare room" outside?

    I'm considering how to minimize the heat that certain components would add to our living environment, so that we don't end up just burning gas in the generator to have the inverter trade BTUs with the air-conditioner that it's powering. We're planning an air gap between our solar panels and the...
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    How big of a charger?

    Was looking at the Powermax PM3-100-LK 100-amp 12VDC charger. It is compatible with the lithium house batteries that we intend to use. Their web site says it pulls 15 amps of AC, which is about the max I think I can get away with when feeding it with either a residential outlet or a Honda...
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    Exploiting a large alternator via battery-to-battery chargers?

    Our truck came with a 150a 24VDC alternator. In addition to solar, generator, and shore power, I'd also like to be able to use the alternator to charge our house battery bank as we drive from one place to the next. If I understand correctly, I can charge lithium batteries much faster than...
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    Nissan S-Cargo expedition vehicle?

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    When the motorcycle itself is the adventure:

    My MV Agusta F3 800, in the proper Ago Red over Ago Silver livery. We toured the MV Agusta factory in northern Italy where it was hand-built, before we purchased it.
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    What are your favorite motorcycle adventure movies?

    The Long Way Round, The Long Way Up, and The Long Way Down are obvious choices, even though they are actually TV series, not movies. I think my favorite is the 2014 documentary "Road", narrated by Liam Neeson, featuring Michael Dunlop, his brother the late William Dunlop, their father the late...
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    Can we get a separate "E-bike/Moped" forum?

    I am an avid motorcyclist, and I enjoy going to the "Adventure Motorcycle Chat" forum for motorcycle discussion. I am also an avid cyclist, so I enjoy going to the "Expedition Bicycle" forum for bicycle discussion. But it seems like the Expedition Bicycle forum is getting cluttered up with...
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    Current (2020) weBoost thread...

    The most recent weBoost thread I could find, was from 3 years ago. If I understand correctly, weBoost is pretty much the only game in town. It looks like their most poweful mobile offering is the $525 Drive Reach Fleet #470254. Their web site says it's 5G ready, and reaches up to 76% further...
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    My current adventure bicycle:

    2020 Kona Unit. It's a rigid steel single-speed 29er. Rack mounts, fender mounts, barnacles all over it. Boost spacing, bolt-in through axles, 160/180 hydraulic disc brakes- this bicycle doesn't have a single cable on it. It weighs 26.2 pounds once I dumped the tubes (it came tubeless ready). I...
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    I am convinced that those who use tire tubes, just enjoy getting flats and fixing them...

    I hate flats, so I only run tubeless. I haven't run tubes in any of my bicycle tires for the last 10 years, and haven't had a single flat. In the beginning, I ran "ghetto" tubeless using non-tubeless tires and rims, but I almost always use tubeless tires and rims now. My most recent bicycle...
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    Brophy aluminum folding scissor steps?

    We are looking for a lightweight set of removable steps, to use for both cab entry (61" high at the door sill) and access to our entry platform / front porch (58" high), for our dog. So far, the best solution that we can come up with, isn't quite a solution, and it seems unnecessary expensive-...
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    2200 watts of solar on the roof?

    If I'm doing the math right, we would be able to fit 22 Renogy Monocrystaline Compact 100-watt solar panels on our roof. Our roof would be 192" long, and 102" wide. We should even have room for a roof vent located between the two panels that are sideways. I would be inclined to build our...