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    2007 Chaser for sale. $8000.00

    Im thinking of selling my chaser this spring since I built a sprinter van over the winter. White Chaser with tailgate battery in nose box brakes ability to run tacoma or jeep wheels eezi awn 1800 tent max coupler 33 inch bfg all terrains 8,000 and its yours. I may even deliver it if if I get...
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    Front Runner JkU slide 300.00

    I had been using this in my tacoma and have now started building out a sprinter van. The slide is in good condition and works properly. Im in Longmont Colorado and wouldn't really like to mess with shipping pay for my diesel and Ill deliver it to you. 300.00 bucks and its yours. Sorry I...
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    MSR Pavilion

    SOLD Im thinking of selling my msr pavilion I would like to switch to a vehicle mounted awning. At 18 lbs with two poles and close to 350 sq ft of coverage this turned out to be larger than I needed. If anyone is interested please contact me via pm. I may be able to find some pictures in my...
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    New RTT mattress

    Im in the process of ordering a new mattress from Coastline RV and Off Road has anyone heard of them. So far the customer service has been excellent.
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    help me plan a ride.

    So my idea for a long ride this summer is to ride from Flamming Gorge in to Steamboat I would like to take the scenic route I don't mind doing part of the ride on gravel. Does anyone have any great suggestions for me. I will be riding my surly straggler and have back up support from my wife...
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    WTB: Camp fire in a can

    I feel like its bad manners but does anyone have a campfire in a can that they would like to sell? Im headed to The Maze in a few weeks and want to practice what I preach and follow all the rules. I know I can buy a new can on amazon and get it in time but Im starting to be on a budget as out...
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    What is everyone doing about dust in the bed of their trucks? I have a snug top shell on my double cab and am getting ready to head to Utah for 10 days I would like to keep my stuff as clean as possible. Seal kits or diy pictures would be a huge help. thanks
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    JK Rubi Dana 44 and parts

    I have a jk rubicon dana 44 axel housing for sale it does not have axels or the guts almost new condition still has the factory stickers on it. My intention was to install it on my sahara but plans change 450.00 I also have a riddler diff cover 80.00 Stock front upper and lower non...
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    Ragbrai anyone?

    Is anyone going back to Iowa this year to ride ragbrai. I will be doing the ride on my All-City Mr Pink. If anyone on the northern front range of Colorado would like to do some local training rides let me know.
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    PUGSLEY trade

    Does anyone have any interest in trading my small used pugsley for a 50 or 52cm road bike? I will gladly email or text pictures to anyone. Im looking for a surly crosscheck or pacer or something similar. Feel free to get ahold of me via pm email or text. 720-620-6904
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    Old Man Emu springs?

    Is anyone using the new old man emu 4 inch springs on their jk's. My super lift 4 inch coils are very harsh and Im wanting a little softer spring. I currently have the old man emu long travel shocks that are intended to go with their 4 inch coils. The three brands Im looking at are evo,ome and...
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    trailer trails

    So I bring my trailer almost everywhere we go I was thinking it would be nice to have a list of trails and the difficulties people have had pulling trailers through them. I will be going to the Moab area in a couple weeks and will be doing Lockhart Basin and the Beef Basin area. I figured this...
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    2005 xr650r

    Im toying with the idea of selling my xr. I have not taken any pictures of it but since I bought it off of expo I thought I would post it here first. I have added a bigger gas a mikuni carb and a race light with 200w stator. It also has an aftermarket speedo computer so I do not know the actual...
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    wheel spacers for trailer

    I have 2 custom made spacers that convert a 5 on 4 1/2 jeep lug nut pattern to a 5 on 150mm 100 series bolt pattern. The spacers are 3 inches thick and made it possible to run 100 series wheels on my adventure trailer. I would like to sell the spacers and if someone wants the wheels I could...
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    Is anyone hauling a moto on their adventure trailer?

    So last week I thought I could haul my xr650 on a moto tote on the back of my chaser trailer things went bad quick. Due to the bouncing of the trailer just going down the street it made the bike rock back and forth to the point that I thought the hitch would fall apart. Needless to say we...
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    1st gen 4runner

    Posting this for a friend. I have had great luck on the portal so I thought I would try to pass it on. Here is what he had to say about it. "I hate to do it but Im buying a house and starting a business all at the same time... so some toys have to go. I JUST picked up the truck from Scott at...
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    Im in trouble

    So last fall I sold my mildly built super capable 2005 lj rubicon with 50,000 miles and bought a 99 100 series. Well long story short I went to Moab a few weeks ago and was not really impressed with the landcruiser. Sure the jeep was built up and had everything and all the landcruiser has is a...
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    In need of grill ideas <partner steel>

    I just made the switch from a campchef weekender stove with a single burner grill box to a two burner partner stove. My problem is I love to grill while camping and my campchef grill box doesnt really fit on the partner stove. I dont want to buy another grilll system and I dont want to use a...
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    Wheel spacers (trailer with land cruiser wheels)

    I know this should probably be in the trailer section but its aimed at 100 series owners that are also using trailers. I found a supplier in the denver area that can convert five on four and a half bolt pattern to five on one fifty mm. I will be running landcruiser wheels on my adventure...
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    100 series light mounts?

    So I want to mount some ipf 900s on my 100 series. I know that most of you will say I need a roof rack or an aftermarket bumper and I would agree but for right now that is'nt in the wallet. I would like to weld up some kind of little bracket to bolt through the front factory bumper and make due...