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  1. Flyfishjeep

    WTB Military MBU cables

    Just thought I would try and reach out to folks in here as well as some of the dedicated military sites. I recently purchased a military kitchen trailer (MKT-85) and found that we are missing the cables that interconnect the MBU's (Modern Burner Unit) that provide the heat. The MBU units were...
  2. Flyfishjeep

    Scepter Fuel Cans

    looking for 1-2 fuel cans if you have any left
  3. Flyfishjeep

    Scepter Fuel Cans

    All gone or do you have any left?
  4. Flyfishjeep

    M416 new axle help.

    They will have them, the trailer parts are universal to the same era jeeps...made it that way so they could be interchanged if needed.
  5. Flyfishjeep

    M416 new axle help.

    Give the folks at Kaiser Willys a call, they can help you get all of the needed parts. They will probably have all of them in stock. The axle/drum set yup is super basic and there are a ton of step by step instructions on how to put them back together (videos and pics too). The only reason that...
  6. Flyfishjeep

    Need ideas for rebuild

    Job well done. That turned out excellent
  7. Flyfishjeep

    Has anyone run 9.00 x 16 NDT on a M416 or M100?

    So I recently replaced axles and added a long arm suspension system to my JKU (and of course bigger tires). I had been towing my M416 (sprung over) behind it. I have been using 7.50 x 16 NDT which works out to be an approx. 32 inch tire. I believe the stock tire on the M416 was the 7.0 x 16...
  8. Flyfishjeep

    Bantam Trailer Build

    Coming along nicely!!
  9. Flyfishjeep

    Where can I find AT Awning Brackets or something similar?

    I have never had any to measure, but they look just like the corner hoop braces on military M1102 and 1102 trailers. You may want to ask around the forum if anyone has any. If they do, they are probably made of aluminum. You just may need to create the post to hold the bracket and make the...
  10. Flyfishjeep

    No longer available

    what's your asking price?
  11. Flyfishjeep

    Sold Zodi hot vent used once. Orange County ca.

    If your willing to ship......would 280 work covering shipping?
  12. Flyfishjeep

    Bantam Trailer Build

    I think your trailer is actually a military trailer. I saw the brake line brackets on the bottom of the frame. I don't think they put the parking brake on the civilian models.
  13. Flyfishjeep

    M100 aftermarket axle for Toyota bolt pattern

    Are you planning on replacing the axle, or are you asking if you should? Are you on a budget? Is money no option?
  14. Flyfishjeep

    b16gsr build thread 2000 XJ 4 door SE expedition rig

    Any additional work since your last posting. I think you did a fantastic job!
  15. Flyfishjeep

    Jeepagon 3.0

    Awesome….I like the ingenuity as well as the concept!!
  16. Flyfishjeep

    M416 brakes

    When traversing steep trails pulling an M416 or M100, you can apply the parking brake to "drag" the trailer. This makes it go from being pushed by the trailer to having to drag an anchor. The parking brake is awesome once the trailer is removed around camp.
  17. Flyfishjeep

    Extendable tongue? Regrets?

    I have also extended the tongue of my M416 so that the rear can open without hitting the trailer. The added benefit I did not realize until I got on the trail was that it also allowed me to jackknife the trailer beyond 90 degrees without hitting the trailer on any part of the Jeep. This is great...
  18. Flyfishjeep

    M416 Fenders - Want to Buy

    I found a seller on ebay that has what you need. Looks like NOS and in great shape. looks like $120 for a pair, shipping is crazy stupid though.
  19. Flyfishjeep

    My M416 Build Attemp

    Your welcome....currently working on 2 restorations (M100 nd M416) plus a few other trailer projects...let me know if you need anything (parts, advice or technical questions). I have a bunch of spare parts and or know where to find stuff if you need it.