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  1. Flyfishjeep

    WTB Military MBU cables

    Just thought I would try and reach out to folks in here as well as some of the dedicated military sites. I recently purchased a military kitchen trailer (MKT-85) and found that we are missing the cables that interconnect the MBU's (Modern Burner Unit) that provide the heat. The MBU units were...
  2. Flyfishjeep

    Has anyone run 9.00 x 16 NDT on a M416 or M100?

    So I recently replaced axles and added a long arm suspension system to my JKU (and of course bigger tires). I had been towing my M416 (sprung over) behind it. I have been using 7.50 x 16 NDT which works out to be an approx. 32 inch tire. I believe the stock tire on the M416 was the 7.0 x 16...
  3. Flyfishjeep

    4.0 XJ questions regarding the engine

    I have a 20 year old Cherokee (1999) that I am the sole owner of. It has been a great vehicle but is now sitting at just over 250,000 miles. This has been a great vehicle and I have tried to take care of it. I have never had any major mechanical issues that I didn't cause (none to the engine...
  4. Flyfishjeep

    87-95 YJ combo light mirror relocator brackets

    Found these in my garage. Never been used. Relocates mirrors off the doors and allows a bracket to attach lights. $45 shipped to USA...
  5. Flyfishjeep

    RTT Rack for my M416

    I recently purchased a Silverwing RTT and want to make a rack to mount it on my M416. I think I am going to use 1 1/2 inch angle iron and make a frame that tucks inside the frame of the trailer. I will then weld on 3 cross bars. I would like to attach it to the trailer with some kind of clamping...
  6. Flyfishjeep

    Pelican Cases, Beavertree Kitchen, Howling Moon kitchen accessories

    I have 2 Pelican 1620 cases (and may have some more to add as I am cleaning the garage). Both are older and the outsides show some wear, but no cracks or chips. Both have the detachable wheels. On3 of the cases has a brand new foam kit and the other has no foam, but the lid organizer. I will...
  7. Flyfishjeep

    Has anyone changed out the rear view mirror map lights?

    I changed out all of the interior factory bulbs to LED shortly after purchasing my 2013 JKU to be much brighter than the factory bulbs, but at the time I didn't mess with the map lights. Now its starting to bug me that they are not the same color. Has anyone changed them out? If so was it a...
  8. Flyfishjeep

    Lifetime Roto-molded 55 qt coolers

    I haven't tested these out yet but I bought a pair. Thought I would share with you
  9. Flyfishjeep

    Blue Ridge Overland Gear - A few good words

    I just wanted to say a few words and those of you that may know them. There customer service (and products) are great. I was able to locate on of their 18 x 20 seat back molle panels for sale on a bidding website. From the pics it looked complete and was at a good price so I purchased it. When...
  10. Flyfishjeep

    Goverment Auction M416 in California

    Wish I really needed another project....saw this little gem on Gov Plant military auctions in California for anyone looking for one on the cheap...
  11. Flyfishjeep

    P06dd issues

    Well I borrowed a friends OBD reader to see what the heck was the trouble code for the acceleration issue I was having (stand on it with RPM over 3500 or uphill here the jeep pushes it over 3500 and suddenly loss of power/acceleration until I coast it for a bit and then it resumes). It turns out...
  12. Flyfishjeep

    JK Acceleration issues/loss of power

    I have a 203 JK unlimited and have recently run into an issue that I am trying not to take it to as dealer for. I have had a few times either accelerating to go up hill or accelerate on flat roads where I suddenly lose power and the check engine light comes on. I can push the pedal to the floor...
  13. Flyfishjeep

    M116A part...anyone have one lying around?

    I got a great deal on an M101A1 flat bed generator trailer and have started to tear it down to rebuild it. This trailer is from the 50"s or 60's as it has no data plates, but does still sport split rims (any idea on a timeframe?) While removing parts, I noticed that I was missing one of the bolt...
  14. Flyfishjeep

    Jeep Emissions Question/Help

    I have a 2013 JK Unlimited Moab edition that has 32,000 miles on it. I don't drive it much but had an issue recently that I thought I would toss out for all of you experts to see what this may be before I spend money at the dealership or at a shop. Problem: Recently I was accelerating to get on...
  15. Flyfishjeep

    AEV Lift kit issues? ANy help appreciated

    Played around with everything and got the steering wheel straightened out and the ECS code gone...Thanks for all the help (I must say a friend who had access to an alignment set up took care of it for me for a small fee (beer)) I just installed an AEV 4.5 lift kit this weekend in my 2013 Moab...
  16. Flyfishjeep

    Lets hear your choices for batteries for a dual battery set up

    I am going to be putting the Genesis Dual Battery set up in my Jeep and was wondering what AGM Type 34 batteries you are all using. I would like to keep my costs as low as I can of course, but I also want to get two quality batteries. The system says that it will accept any type 34 batteries. I...
  17. Flyfishjeep

    Gull wing doors for a JK hardtop?

    Has anyone seen anything like this made for a Jeep? Pretty darn cool. Please post links or pictures if you have Okay...lets try a different angle of the same thing. Has anyone done any DIY gull wing doors on a JK hardtop? If so pictures or links to a write up would...
  18. Flyfishjeep

    After market m416 lids

    Does anyone know of any companies or shops near California that currently sell lids for M416 trailers? Any links would be appreciated. Finally scored a trailer in great shape and want to cap it. Thanks in advance.
  19. Flyfishjeep

    Jeep JKU 2013 Hard Top: how hollow is it? Pictures anyone

    I saw a really cool setup here a few years ago where someone had mounted these ( on above the rear windows on each side of his hard top. Looking at the top, it definitely is hollow along the rear door...
  20. Flyfishjeep

    Really slick lighting idea for a hard top

    I found this picture on a craigslist ad for a hardtop for sale. It took me a while but I found which lights these were and thought I would share. I have plans for adding these to my JKU when the cash becomes available. The lights are made by Whelen. I will attach the link to them below...