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    Choosing local repeaters

    Program in every single repeater within a hundred miles or so; software and a cable makes this so much easier. If you get the ARRL repeater directory on CD, you can get a bunch of them easily off of that, though it's not always up-to-the-minute updated. Then just set your radio to scan through...
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    Air impact wench suggestions

    You are not going to get 400 ft. lbs. of torque out of a gun connected to a little truck-mounted OBA compressor and a 2.5 gallon tank. If you need that portable, get a CO2 tank, the bigger the better. As has been said, a run of the mill impact gun cannot be used for tightening without a...
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    Latest Photo?

    Nice truck; need more photos!
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    FJ80 Brake Master vs Tacoma Brake Master

    Common bolt-in upgrade for 40-series; haven't done it yet but going to. I can't see how it would an upgrade to a modern truck though.
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    Fridge size?

    Size depends on the amount of space in the vehicle and the number of people eating out of the fridge and for how long. But two people can eat for a week out my 37-qt. ARB easy enough.
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    Sudden misfire after downshifting - 22re 1988 4Runner

    That's the first thing I'd do (set the timing). In general, if it only misfires in a certain rpm range it's probably a fuel issue; if it misfires at all rpms then it's more likely to be an ignition issue. There are exceptions to these, but it's a good place to start trouble shooting.
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    Just tune the VFO on all of them to the same frequency, and you will talking to each other with no repeater involved; this is called "simplex" operation.
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    Long term durability

    Well, that's one way to do it, if you're happy with the cheapest bulk oil that money can buy and only letting it drain for 10 minutes. In that case, you probably should change it more frequently. On the other end of the spectrum, I run top-quality synthetic oil in all my vehicles, and extended...
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    ExPo 60 Series Registry

    Good choice, the wheels on it are hideous! Nice Cruiser otherwise.
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    ARB Freezer/Fridge 37Qt

    Ditto on both counts.
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    Timing chain cover

    Get several different sizes, including some larger ones. I use a larger size (don't remember how they're numbered) for the ambulance door hinges and windshield hinges on my Land Cruiser; YMMV. Also, you won't have to worry about the Vessel screwdrivers breaking; they're quality tools made with...
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    Timing chain cover

    Land Cruisers don't use Phillips head screws; they use JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) heads, which are NOT the same thing. Buy some JIS screwdrivers made by the Japanese tool company Vessel.
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    Utah, Book Cliffs: Trough Spring Ridge

    Yes, the thin black layers are coal, most likely lignite (low grade).
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    1983 toyota 4wd

    I have owned and driven several trucks just like that over the years. They are great little trucks, and the 22R/RE is one of the best motors ever to come from Toyota, but they are underpowered by modern standards. These trucks were made when the top speed limit was 55 mph nationwide, by...
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    Tires Getting Spiked On Trail

    Unfortunately, Prohibition (as in the 18th Amendment) and the "war on drugs" (not to mention all the gun laws) have shown us that you can't legislate morality. Even if you had stiff legal penalties for setting traps like that, proving who did it would be very difficult.
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    Latest Photo?

    Thanks! My goal was to make it very capable off-road but still be easily streetable/DD.
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    FJ60 Factory AM/FM Radio - Connections, intermittened/have to mess with it - Any help

    99% chance it is an old corroded or just dirty connection somewhere - but it could be inside the radio as easy as the speaker wires and connections. You can buy paint and plastic-friendly electrical contact spray cleaner at any auto parts store, but it won't help if it's the radio itself.
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    Tires Getting Spiked On Trail

    Caltrops are quite simple and easy to make (don't ask me how I know). Take three six-penny nails, grind the heads off of them and sharpen that end too, tack weld two together in an X, tack weld the third perpendicular to the first two. Drop them anywhere, and one or more points will be...
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    Latest Photo?

    Good idea, and nice hundy. Here's the most recent one of mine, when I took the top off for the summer a couple of months ago:
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    Finally al L.C. owner

    Nice looking 80!