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  1. Ray Hyland

    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    Cool! Are you guys coming to the NW Overland Rally? I'd love to see one in person. Cheers Ray
  2. Ray Hyland

    Help Me Build A Defender 110 Please

    No, we opted to go with the Habitat as a roof top tent because I didn't want to cut a giant hole in my roof (Defenders already leak so much, why tempt fate). Plus this way I can shift the Habitat to my RRC in the future if I want to. I access the tent entrance via the hood. Cheers Ray
  3. Ray Hyland

    The Overland Rallies, (NWOR, BCOR, RMOR)

    Despite the name, the Overland Rallies are not a traditional rally, they are 3 day gatherings or festivals of all things overlanding, where one can take classes, make friends, check out gear, and win prizes. Because of that, the individual threads for these shows are listed in the appropriate...
  4. Ray Hyland

    Help Me Build A Defender 110 Please

    Rather than build your own Defender, consider buying one from someone who has recently completed a long overland trip. The resale value will never equal the cost of building one, and this way you get one where all the unexpected problems have already been taken care of. I imagine that even with...
  5. Ray Hyland

    Defender 110 - Sleeping arrangements

    I had a small wooden platform the same height as the back seats when folded, and a thin sheet of additional plywood that would slide forward to cover the rear seats. Two thermarests on top of it all. Easy to set up and cost virtually nothing. Comfy double bed. Lots of room for gear under the...
  6. Ray Hyland

    Rebelle Rally 2019

    How did they do? I haven't been paying attention for a few days so I need to catch up with the results, we have so many friends in it this year. I think my wife may do it next year. :-)
  7. Ray Hyland

    List of rallies?

    The three Overland Rallies that are run by one team are: NW Overland Rally (Plain WA) BC Overland Rally (Whistler BC) Rocky Mountain Overland Rally (Gunnison CO). They all happen in the summer months as they are family-oriented (kids off of school). Each has their our website, and they open...
  8. Ray Hyland

    RRC Fender Flares

    I am getting some rubbing at full articulation with my 235/85R16s. I am thinking of trying a fender roller. Have you considered that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ray Hyland

    Old Land Rover in St. Paul

    Very nice. 107inch Series 1 pickup I believe.
  10. Ray Hyland

    The Grizzly Torque - coming to the Overland Rally

    In 1957 a couple of unknown young Canadians decided to drive around the world doing field research. They bought a 1957 Pilcher Ambulance bodied Series 1, called it the Grizzly Torque, and set out. Now no longer young or unknown, Bristol Foster is a famous naturalist and ecologist, and Robert...
  11. Ray Hyland

    Mud terrains or All terrains....?

    I used to run MTs but I realized that I spend most of my driving on roads (paved or dirt) so an AT was more appropriate. I carry a set of chains when going somewhere really muddy. Chains on an AT are impressive in mud. But only use them if you really need to otherwise they will chew up a trail...
  12. Ray Hyland

    manual transmission for classic Range Rover

    Is it a manual? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ray Hyland

    1992 Defender 110 200 TDi

    I run ARB lockers front and back in my 110. As you know, they are a pretty tried and true solution for the Salisbury axle. If you have the budget, why not? Also it’s a universally recognized upgrade if you ever resell the truck. And you get onboard air. In no way am I saying it’s “better”...
  14. Ray Hyland

    1992 Defender 110 200 TDi

    Can you please show some shots of how you mounted the 2nd row seat? Any challenges fitting it? Thanks!
  15. Ray Hyland

    The Rolling Restoration & Customization Of My 88' RRC

    Damn. That is brutal. I am sorry to hear about all the stuff that sucks. But I’m happy to hear you are alive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Ray Hyland

    Previa AWD Camper Conversion

    Fantastic, the Previa is a great little van, and actually a lot of fun to drive.
  17. Ray Hyland

    Defender Alternator Upgrade

    Hi All, I have decided to change out the hydraulic winch on my D110 (200tdi) to a Warn 8274. I have two batteries already, but I am still running the stock (I think 40amp?) alternator. Does anyone know of a straight-swap (drop in, holes align, same plug, pulley, etc) alternator upgrade, like a...
  18. Ray Hyland

    Bought a couple of 110's

    Actually 1993 was a changeover year, and fleet operators were actually able to continue to specify the 200 tdi instead of the 300tdi if they wanted. My 1993 110 is a 200tdi, because the Singapore Police (who I bought it from) specified a 200tdi so it would be identical to the rest of their fleet...
  19. Ray Hyland

    Land Rover prizes at NW Overland Rally

    Bearmach UK is sponsoring some prizes for Land Rovers only, at the NWOR, including this cool badge. They will also be sending some little prizes, and a gift certificate for £250, which is like US$330! Woo Hoo! ExPo member Doug Lawyer will be coming up from AZ to do the judging and hand out...
  20. Ray Hyland

    Wilco Hitchgate Solo Review

    Great point. We actually don't carry a second spare on long remote trips, but I do carry a full repair kit including an inner tube and a small roll of stainless wire. In a pinch you can stitch up a badly torn sidewall, line it with cardboard or paper where the stitching is to protect from...