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  1. Ray Hyland

    The Overland Rallies, (NWOR, BCOR, RMOR)

    Despite the name, the Overland Rallies are not a traditional rally, they are 3 day gatherings or festivals of all things overlanding, where one can take classes, make friends, check out gear, and win prizes. Because of that, the individual threads for these shows are listed in the appropriate...
  2. Ray Hyland

    The Grizzly Torque - coming to the Overland Rally

    In 1957 a couple of unknown young Canadians decided to drive around the world doing field research. They bought a 1957 Pilcher Ambulance bodied Series 1, called it the Grizzly Torque, and set out. Now no longer young or unknown, Bristol Foster is a famous naturalist and ecologist, and Robert...
  3. Ray Hyland

    Defender Alternator Upgrade

    Hi All, I have decided to change out the hydraulic winch on my D110 (200tdi) to a Warn 8274. I have two batteries already, but I am still running the stock (I think 40amp?) alternator. Does anyone know of a straight-swap (drop in, holes align, same plug, pulley, etc) alternator upgrade, like a...
  4. Ray Hyland

    Land Rover prizes at NW Overland Rally

    Bearmach UK is sponsoring some prizes for Land Rovers only, at the NWOR, including this cool badge. They will also be sending some little prizes, and a gift certificate for £250, which is like US$330! Woo Hoo! ExPo member Doug Lawyer will be coming up from AZ to do the judging and hand out...
  5. Ray Hyland

    Wilco Hitchgate Solo Review

    One of the cool things about being involved with the overland industry is being exposed to a lot of interesting gear. I recently bought a Wilco Hitchgate Solo from Tom at Adventure Ready in Seattle. They are priced reasonably, about $550-$620 depending what options you want. I've been using it...
  6. Ray Hyland

    RRC Bottle Jack

    Question: Is the Bottle Jack from a Disco 2 the same as the jack that was in a RRC? I hear the RRC jacks are hard to find and sought after because they had a "double" shaft allowing them to raise higher. I see lots of Disco 2 jacks on eBay, but not RRC, so I am wondering if the Disco 2 jack...
  7. Ray Hyland

    RRC Ignition Coil Specs

    Does anyone know the correct resistance for the coil in a 1988 RRC? I'd like to check mine with my multimeter. Thanks! Ray
  8. Ray Hyland

    RRC - Changing the ECM, from 13cu to 14cu or 14cux

    I have a faulty ECM in my 1988 3.5l RRC. I don't have a spare 13cu but I have a 14cu available. Has anyone else done this swap? Anything special to note or look for? Or is it a simple matter of ensuring the output pins are correct? Thanks! Ray Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ray Hyland

    Question - weight of XCL 7.50R16

    Does anyone know what the weight of a new XCL would have been, in 7.50 x 16 size? Thanks in advance Ray
  10. Ray Hyland

    FS- 38 inch Maxxis Creepy Crawlers on 15 inch rims near Vancouver BC

    So I have a set of 5, 38 inch Maxxis Creepy Crawlers, on 15 inch Land Rover rims that fit a Disco 1, Defender, Series, or RRC I believe. The rims have a deep offset. Not sure what it is but I could measure it. This is what the tires look like, but not a pic of the actual tire. They are almost...
  11. Ray Hyland

    .450 Rigby

    So now that my three sons are getting a little older (early teens) I am planning to get back into more serious hunting of larger game. I think it's a great way to teach the circle of life and a deep respect for the animals that we feed upon, to my kids. And organic meat is expensive. Currently...
  12. Ray Hyland

    A family camping trip in a series 1

    Howdy everyone. We (my wife, 3 kids, and I) are planning a family camping trip next year. We have a 1954 Series 1 Station Wagon (86") that I got for $500. It hasn't run for at least 20 years, has no wiring, no brakes, no glass, etc. The plan is to patch it up a little bit (windows, basic seats...
  13. Ray Hyland

    2014 Touratech / NW Overland Rally June 26-29 near Seattle WA

    Just in case anyone missed it on the regional thread, the Touratech Adventure Rally and NW Overland Rally are again combined. The event is just over a week away. The Touratech page is here and the ExPo event...
  14. Ray Hyland

    Rovers at the NW Overland Rally near Seattle, June 26-29

    Hey everyone, Just curious who is bringing their Rovers to the Overland Rally this month near Seattle? I am bringing my 110, and Land Rover USA is giving us a new RR and a RRS to play with on the technical course, but I'm always interested in putting names and faces together with trucks. Who's...
  15. Ray Hyland

    NW Overland Rally

    The official thread for the 2014 NW Overland Rally in Plain WA (close to Leavenworth, 2 hrs from Seattle) is at
  16. Ray Hyland

    Leave your Husband!

    My wife's latest article explains why she wants to leave me behind... She'd love to hear what people think.
  17. Ray Hyland

    F800GS Adventure Review in Winter 2013 issue of Overland Journal

    Well, we are almost finished the winter issue, and one fun article is from our own James Langan, who does an in-depth review (mostly on dirt) of the new F800GS Adventure. I won't give away the details, but suffice it to say, he really likes this bike. (Click photo for larger image) Still...
  18. Ray Hyland


    Team Continues Record-Setting Journey Prescott, AZ, 2013-7-15 — Expeditions 7 team updates progress on their record-setting two-year, seven-continent overland adventure. The Expeditions 7 team is in Africa. After successfully circumnavigating the Northern Hemisphere and crossing Australia...
  19. Ray Hyland

    Honda Fatcat TR200 in Vancouver BC

    Not mine, no affiliation, yada yada. I normally don't share things I find on CL, but OMG I love these bikes. They are the ultimate little "go play in the sand dune" bikes. Found on Vancouver BC Craigslist.
  20. Ray Hyland

    WA Overland and Touratech Adventure Rally June 27-30

    Just in case anyone missed it, there is a thread in the NW section about the WA Overland Rally. sign up at