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  1. 77TLCFJ40

    Calculation for M416 Lid Weight

    I would like to order lift struts for my M416 build. Unfortunately, for many reasons I am unable to remove the lid and weigh it. I was able to get one measurement that, with your help, may allow a very close estimate for the lid’s total weight. The lid is hinged on the tongue end of the...
  2. 77TLCFJ40

    Too narrow?

    Great point made by NatersXJ6. My M416 is right around 41”-42” in the lower section where it sits on the frame. Any idea on the steel thickness of the square tube frame? That may help others guide you on potential weight capacity. So far ilooks like a well engineered and built frame.
  3. 77TLCFJ40

    M416 - help with part identification/ideas needed for hitch replacement...

    It looks like they cut the original lunette just behind the ring and welded the 2X2 over it. I’m not sure you would want a ball hitch to rotate like a lunette. The ball and socket already have range of motion like your shoulder or hip joints. if you removed the ball hitch from the 2X2 and...
  4. 77TLCFJ40

    M416 Fenders - Want to Buy

    I am watching that auction, but it’s $60.00 each plus 48.42 shipping. $120 for two with free shipping sounds great! Was that a different older auction? Thanks very much.
  5. 77TLCFJ40

    M416 Fenders - Want to Buy

    Need one or two M416 fenders. They don’t have to be great or even good. OK condition works for me. Anyone have any fenders to spare? I have a spare wheel, a lunette casting and a drop foot if anyone prefers to trade. Thanks
  6. 77TLCFJ40

    Tongue Box Ideas for 1/4 Ton Military Trailers

    I’m looking for ideas and pics of commercially available or home-brew tongue boxes for 1/4 Ton Military Trailers. The two Harbor Freight boxes look like good options at a great price. Lots of pics of those. Any others? Any cool boxes repurposed and mounted on the tongue of these trailers? Has...
  7. 77TLCFJ40

    A Southern M416

    Great tip on the grommets! Thanks very much.
  8. 77TLCFJ40

    WTB: 4” Roof Rack Rain Gutter Brackets

    One more bump...
  9. 77TLCFJ40

    Ark 5000LBS class 3 XO Coupler - For your off road over-landing adventures

    Brett, Can your coupler be used in either orientation? IE: like the pic above and/or upside down? The Ark XO Coupler seems to solve for the trailer coupler height vs tow vehicle hitch height difference. Just do what has always been done and get the correct ball hitch to level the trailer to...
  10. 77TLCFJ40

    This is my m416B1 Rescue Thread

    There are three bolts thru the rear crossmember.
  11. 77TLCFJ40

    A tiny trailer build.

    That’s a super cool tongue box!
  12. 77TLCFJ40

    WTB: 4” Roof Rack Rain Gutter Brackets

    Thanks so much for your response, but I don’t think Yakima or Thule will work. I need brackets with a little more reach due to my rack being a little narrower than the width of the roof. Thanks again.
  13. 77TLCFJ40

    WTB: 4” Roof Rack Rain Gutter Brackets

    Tony’s Yakima rain gutter mounts were very nice but too tall to match the mounts I already have. If you PM him, they may be available. Anyone else have any? Looking for close to 4” and brands like Quick-N-Easy, ConFerr, Smittybuilt, etc. Thanks
  14. 77TLCFJ40

    WTB: 4” Roof Rack Rain Gutter Brackets

    Thank you Tony! I sent you a PM.
  15. 77TLCFJ40

    WTB: 4” Roof Rack Rain Gutter Brackets

    Need some 4” rain gutter mounts for my roof rack. Will consider any quantity. Thanks
  16. 77TLCFJ40

    TIRES - On Original 16” Wheels on M416-M100-M101CDN Trailers

    Just a few mods left to finish. Then it gets blown apart and heads to the blaster.
  17. 77TLCFJ40

    TIRES - On Original 16” Wheels on M416-M100-M101CDN Trailers

    Happy to discover that Uniroyal is made by Michelin. The Laredo HD/T is a commercial heavy duty tire. I will never wear them out. Pics