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    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Any plans to make a 6.5ft version for the fullsize crowd? Thinking F150 LongBed
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Here's my work in progress from a few hours yesterday. They aren't pretty but not bad for the cost of drawer slides and leftover lumber in the garage. Still need to fold the back seats down so I can build a level surface over them for sleeping.
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    Ford Ranger Cap

    Looking to sell my ARE cap off my Ranger. It is dark shadow grey and has lifting side windows with screened sliding windows. Comes with factory ARE roof rails and has a Surco aluminum basket attached. This cap is in great condition and allows access to the front of the bed from either side. Only...
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    2nd Gen Xterra Rear Bumper/Carrier Build (Open Source)

    .dxf and .dwg of the sheet metal parts would be great!
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    Off-road teardrop scratch-build

    Not sure if I missed it earlier but what are the dimensions of your trailer? Overall and living space? Also do you have plans to seal up the exterior? I'm not familiar with marine grade plywood so if it is already protected from the elements I apologize. This is some amazing work thanks for...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Did you add any stops or something to keep the drawer from sliding all the way out of truck? Say on a hill?
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    When you ordered from that site was the price shown per pair or per single slide?
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    2006 Fx4 Level 2 Ranger

    That absolutely helps! Thank you so much!!
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    2006 Fx4 Level 2 Ranger

    Do you have or can you get some close up shots of you rack that wraps around the cap? I would like to build a similar one but don't know how to build the base plates on the bed rails and keep the cap mounting right since it overhangs the bed rails a little bit.
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    The Rogue Overland 2012 Nissan Xterra PRO-4X Build

    I would love to see some more detailed shots of your rear storage system if you have any?
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    2006 Fx4 Level 2 Ranger

    I must say I love the color! What led headlights did you go with?
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    D.I.Y Rear tire career using stock bumper on 2012 Xterra

    YES!!! this would be great!!
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    2018 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

    Who makes the box on top of the Renegade concept? It doesnt seam to match any of the pelican ones.
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    AEV Colorado ZR2 concept just went live

    Just my thoughts on it: -Guessing it's a drop bracket style kit like what AEV makes for the Ram which makes sense considering what you just paid for the factory suspension. -The bumpers look like they should have been on there from factory instead of the chunked up looking ones chevy threw on...
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    Homemade Roofracks.

    I built a drop in basket for my Xterra to try and utilize the space between the factory rails while keeping loads as low as possible. It also replaced the factory cross bars with unistrut to allow easier customization. the unistrut is allowed for wider mounting options so we were able to...
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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    I'm curious what you use the box on the back bumper for? I like the idea and placement for a box but am unsure what to keep in there and thought I'd ask what you have found it most useful for carrying?
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    A little late but this was from July 4th weekend at the family lake. The wind was coming across the lake and partially collapsing or $40 Coleman tents
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    My ZR2 Colorado and Canyon Saga

    I'm pretty interested in seeing the bed mount for the winch cradle!
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    Wilco Hitchgate Spare Tire Carrier

    Just guessing here but for $878 plus $150 shipping bringing the total to $1028 I think you could have a pretty nice bumper fabricated for that or maybe a few hundred dollars more. This is nice that it can be removed when driving around town but that would still leave you driving around without a...
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    2001 Ford Ranger Build Thread

    How thick is the base material on your ladder rack? It looks like 3/16" or 1/4" plate and 1.5" tubing?