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    1975 Chevrolet 4x4 Expedition Camper Truck

    Bit of a project, but very interesting looking
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    FG84 Camper Build

    Hi All, Long time lurker here, figured it was my time to give back some. Caution though, this is a long post and has a bit of back story. I'm currently in the planning stages of a new build based on an FG84 single cab. My wife and I had been wanting to move into something a bit more...
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    Photos of Tasmania

    I spent some time in Tasmania recently, wanted to share a couple of photos. I'm by no means good with a camera, but for scenery buffs you may enjoy these. Cradle Mountain Northwest coastline Somewhere in the northwest. Dirt road about 100km long leading from Arthur River to Zeehan...
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    Importing expedition truck

    I've been looking at a lot of options for a comfortable truck to take for a planned year trip, which I'd like to maybe extend longer. Short of Earthroamer or Global Expedition Vehicles, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of manufacturers or used vehicles for sale in the US with the quality or...
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    FS: 1985 Mercedes 4x4 Motorhome

    No affiliation with with the listing (aside from wanting it) Found this during a productive moment at work. It's in Australia, but old enough to come under the 25 year rule. $79,950 AUD 1985 Mercedes Benz Unique 4x4 "Go Anywhere 6 Berth Motorhome" Custom made living compartment from...
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    Ebay: 2005 Ford Focus

    Came across this while surfing for a 4x4 for South America trip. Imagine turning up on a trail in a ford focus.....